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Sustainable Tourism Development to Improve Livelihoods : 

Sustainable Tourism Development to Improve Livelihoods SEEP Annual Conference October 25, 2007 www.chfinternational.org

CHF Tourism Context : 

CHF International’s sustainable tourism activities are typically: CHF Tourism Context component of broader program; not in (current) mainstream tourist destinations.

Approach : 

Initial assessment tourism vs. other sectors tourism value chain analysis tourism viability / suitability “Pre-sold” pilot tours Leaders emerge for product development, capacity building and promotion Approach

Tourism Assessment Tool : 

Tourism Assessment Tool Potential: Attractions Community Natural and Regulatory Environment Readiness: Infrastructure Product/Planning Human resources Promotion Sustainability: Conservation Community and Economic Development Visitor Experience

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Community Revitalization through Democratic Action-Economy (CRDA-E) CRDA works in 13 municipalities in Northern Montenegro Source: Montenegro Employment Agency, World Bank PRSP, Montstat

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Montenegro Tourism Assessment Rapid industry growth 4 years in the top three Travel & Tourism growth destinations worldwide Tourism is government priority Diverse attractions Human capacity is building (slowly) Again, there is a huge disparity between North and South: Tourist arrivals: 90% South 3% North Overnights: 96% South 1% North Source: WTTC, Montenegro National Tourism Organization, CHF Analysis

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Northern Montenegro - Tourism Sector Constraints No inventory of tourism assets Low human capacity in tourism Little to no developed/prepared product Lack of awareness of North as destination Domestically Internationally Weak business linkages High seasonality

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Strategic Planning and Research Tourism Product Development Capacity Building of Tourism Stakeholders Regional and International Marketing and Promotion CSTI and Montenegro Adventures: CHF spin-off Local NGO and Tour Operator

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Research and planning: Asset mapping in North Facilitation of dialogue with stakeholders, government and tourism organizations Product Development: 5 initial Pilot Tours developed and run In the 2007 season (April-September) 27 Tours were hosted by MA linking to 185 local stakeholders resulting in $112,310 of income generated. Investments made by donors and entrepreneurs for upgrades and equipment Capacity Building: Training delivered as necessary for organized tours Promotion: Familiarization tours and journalist tours organized by CSTI Hundreds of articles in local media Results

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Brings together stakeholders, NTO, inbound groups Developed pilot project, routes, overall product Organized travel for German Cycling association (ADFC) Provided training and support Roundtable on next steps for biking tours Biking Tour

Balkans Case: Montenegro : 

Balkans Case: Montenegro Huge potential for active holidays in North, but need to grow supply and demand in tandem and link them together Too many tours developed before focusing Start local - domestic tourism Creating local orgs: Local NGO and local tour operator work well, but will need adjustment with growth Need to have strong, committed local leader Takes a lot of time, so start early Lessons Learned

Thank you : 

Thank you Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives Moskovska 63-4 81000 Podgorica Montenegro Tel: +382 81 202 381 www.cstimontenegro.org Rich Fromer Tourism Advisor CHF International Email: [email protected] Come and join us for a tour!

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