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WitchCraft : 


Witchcraft : 

Witchcraft Defined as the use of magical powers to influence people and events. Since the mid 1900’s has been consider a religion. A.K.A. Wicca, The Craft, the Old Religion Emphasis of the famine side of the deity (goddess)

Witchcraft as a Religion : 

Witchcraft as a Religion Developed in Britain in the mid 1900’s Flourished in English speaking countries Gerald B. Gardner British civil servant Life long interest in the occult Witchcraft is Paganism Worship of the earth and nature

Witchcraft as Sorcery : 

Witchcraft as Sorcery Masters of the supernatural world Conjure and command spirits Helping spirits called “Familiars” take the form of animals esp. Cats, Owls, Snakes, Dogs “Shape shift” into animals Allows for secret travel Ability to fly Under their own power Brooms, rakes or magical animals

Witchcraft as Sorcery : 

Witchcraft as Sorcery White witches Love Health Wealth Black witches Causing accidents Illness Bad luck Even death Control weather Blamed for storms that damaged dwellings or crops Knowledge of: Potion: a drink that causes desired effect in a person’s behavior Charm: a magical incantation (word or phrase) that helps to bring about a spell Able to see into the future and to posses the “evil eye”. Ability to kill by looking

Organization & Practices : 

Organization & Practices No central authority Loosely organized in to groups called “covens” Followers known as witches Sabbats: Imbolc (2/1) Beltani (4/30) Lugnasadh or Lammas (7/31) Samhain (10/31)

History : 

History Ancient Times Middle Ages to the 1700’s Europe The inquisition American Colonies Witchcraft in modern times

Ancient Times : 

Ancient Times Sorcery has existed since humans banded together Magical rites to ensure successful hunting Western beliefs that sorcery grew out of mythology and folklore of ancient people esp. Greek and Roman With the spread of Christianity distinctions between good and bad magic vanished Known as the worship of the devil.

Middle Ages : 

Middle Ages Europe Began about 700 AD Associated with heresy Church leaders began to stamp out heresy, sentencing heretics to death by burning The Inquisition Began 1230 Effort of the church to punish heretics Charged with human sacrifice and worshipping the devil Mostly women charged and falsely accused Tortured until confessed

American Colonies : 

American Colonies New England from 1600’s to 1700’s Some banished, others executed Most famous witch hunt began in 1692 in Salem, Mass. Lasted about a year 150 people imprisoned 19 men and women convicted and hanged

Witchcraft in Modern Times : 

Witchcraft in Modern Times 1939 Gardner became initiated into a coven of people who called themselves “hereditary witches” 1950 Gardner published a book about the ancient rituals He feared it of dying out

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