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WHRHS JSA: CHAPTER REVIVAL ‘09 From Anarchy to Refined Tradition.

Chapter Size/Membership Drives, and Goals : 

Chapter Size/Membership Drives, and Goals This year, our chapter grew from 33 (including the 13 who graduated last year) to 60 tax-paid members. This is largely the result of a huge amount of chapter support, membership drives, fliers, announcements via Facebook and school broadcast, and the invitations we distributed to freshman as the year began. We wanted to expand our chapter, and bring it to a level of greatness: starting from editing our Constitution, and adding many events, whilst staying true to our traditions. We also created a very successful website for students to express their views, and remain updated on our events. We’ve also had various bake sales/dodgeball to serve as our fundraisers throughout the year: in addition to our chapter tee-shirts which we’ve sold throughout the year.

Chapter Attendance : 

We held various membership drives, to increase our previously small number of tax paid members. Chapter Attendance

speakers : 

speakers We increase speaker variety, but also maintain a steady flow of avid participants. We’ve used every type of debate style: including Boston Massacre, Alphabates (mini master debater), ‘Watchung Hills Style’, Moderated Caucus, Speed Chess, Mock Trial, Thought Talks, and Classic Resolutions.

Slide 6: 

Kate (our Chapter President) is the Editor in Chief of The MAS Tide, and Rachel is the Editor in Chief of The NJR Star. We’ve had articles published in both, in addition to our local paper: The Echoes Sentinel, which ran a feature on our chapter’s achievements. These are some of the fliers we’ve distributed.

Slide 7: 

We also have daily announcements to advertise our meetings, in addition to having our web-site linked to our TA’s school site.

Summer Involvement : 

Summer Involvement Our Vice President Rachel Brown, and President Kate Freeman attended Symposium this summer at Princeton University. Our avid chapter member Jane Burnett is a graduate of Princeton Summer school 2009.

Leadership Day : 

At leadership day, we hosted a delegation of 7, and gained a lot of ideas and knowledge from the event. It was a great kick-off for the year, which helped us meet new people, and bond as a chapter. Leadership Day

Fall Regional : 

Fall Regional At fall regional, we set a record for our chapter: we brought 14 members. At this event we learned a lot more about each other, and every member spoke at least once. We took home several best speakers.

Fall State : 

Fall State Fall State was the collaboration of the traditions from our old chapter, and new chapter. We had a chapter dinner, dressed up as Shakespearian characters, and performed in JSA idol-but enjoyed speaking, and getting even closer to each other.

Political Fair : 

Political Fair Our political fair began with hundreds of phone calls to the interest groups/attendees of past four Winter Congresses. After all of the work, we got three guests: the ACLU, Autism New Jersey, and Wagner Farms (also our volunteering project.) Our other tables were run by our students, with the information Democracy Matters, Compassion Over Killing, the YAF, and Oxfam America sent us we held an all day event in our gym, and talked to our entire student body and JSA chapter. We even had a table for JSA recruitment-which helped us gain even more members. It was a great event.

Political Fair : 

Political Fair

Mini-con Preparation : 

Mini-con Preparation

Mini-Con Decor : 

Mini-Con Decor Our mini-con took weeks to plan, and the entire effort of our chapter. Due to everyone’s hard work it was a great success full of skits, Quidditch, and fully planned debates, executed with our entire chapter.

Attendees : 


Quidditch : 


Mini-con Attendance, Throughout the year : 

Mini-con Attendance, Throughout the year Our chapter has attended every mini-con except for Bergen County Academies (due to transportation issues).

Winter Congress : 

Winter Congress Winter Congress was hard for us. We were held up by the snow by a day, but instead of getting discouraged we had a Chapter Dinner in our town, and had an amazing Winter Congress with a second chapter dinner, and two of our bills passed.

Spring Regional : 

Spring Regional Spring Regional was a convention filled with chapter tradition, WHRHS Speakers and inner-chapter strength. We played Frisbee and ate ice cream as is our tradition. We spoke every block and had a great time with 19 attendees and the best spring regional in our history.

Rachel for Vice Mayor : 

Rachel for Vice Mayor Rachel is the first member of our chapter to run for office since 2006. Her campaign has gotten our chapter together, and increased our membership because it has brought us together.

Letter Writing & Surveys : 

Letter Writing & Surveys We wrote letters as a chapter to our representatives, senator, and governor to express our views and took surveys to discover our school and chapter’s political beliefs.

Slide 26: 

Government should not censor speech, press, media or Internet.  Military service should be voluntary. There should be no draft. There should be no laws regarding sex for consenting adults. Repeal laws prohibiting adult possession and use of drugs.  There should be no National ID card.  End "corporate welfare." No government handouts to business.  End government barriers to international free trade. Let people control their own retirement; privatize Social Security.  Replace government welfare with private charity.  Cut taxes and government spending by 50% or more. Abortion should be illegal in all cases. Gay marriage violates American religious values, and should be illegal. Americans have the right to bear arms as via the second amendment. “Under God” should be removed from the pledge of allegiance. A separation of church and state is necessary. Health care should be provided to all Americans. Euthanasia is justified. The death penalty should be allowed for serious criminals. The US should be involved in world police actions.

Slide 27: 

Chapter Poll: With the choices Agree, Medium, Disagree, and No Answer, our Chapter members filled out the questionnaire from the previous page.

Slide 28: 

School Poll: With the choices Agree, Medium, Disagree, and No Answer, our Chapter members filled out the questionnaire from the previous page.

Mock Election: Corzine vs. Christie vs. Daggett : 

Mock Election: Corzine vs. Christie vs. Daggett We held a mock election within our chapter, and received the Following Results in regards to the New Jersey Gubernatorial Election. Corzine: Corzine had the least amount of support, with a 20% approval rating. Christie: Christie had the 2nd greatest amount of support, with a 35% approval rating. Daggett: Daggett had the majority in our chapter with a 45% approval rating.

Board of Education : 

Board of Education As part of our efforts, we attended a board of education meeting: each of our attendees had the opportunity to speak in front of the board, and question them in a very important meeting discussing our budget cuts-and complete school loss of state funding.

Mock Trial : 

Mock Trial One of the new styles of debate we tried was a mock trial. We prosecuted President Lincoln for ‘war crimes’ in an imaginary setting in which the South won the civil war. We then had a defense, and prosecutor who each called various witnesses to testify.

Community Service : 

Community Service We’ve contributed to a lot of different Community events: our Chapter Donated baked goods to Holla fo Haiti, our school’s effort to raise money for Haiti, we attended a benefit dinner for Cancel Cancer, helped advertise for The Day of Silence for Gay Rights, and members of our chapter have donated money to Pennies for Peace our school’s effort to start schools in the Middle East via the CAI.

Wagner Farms : 

Throughout the year our chapter has helped to grow our own patch in the community garden which provides vegetables for local soup kitchens along with other projects at the Arboretum. Wagner Farms

Rock the Hills : 

Rock the Hills We held our first annual battle of the bands this year, we had an amazing amount of involvement, including a guest speaker. There were many different types of acts, including piano performances, and solo singers. The proceeds of our event were donated to the JBWS or Jersey Battered Women’s Service. We earned over $500 for the organization with our event, and hosted a guest speaker at the event.

Acts : 


Fundraisers & Distributing Information on the JBWS : 

Fundraisers & Distributing Information on the JBWS

Guest Speaker: Corrine Warrener of the JBWS : 

Guest Speaker: Corrine Warrener of the JBWS At Our Battle of the Bands, we hosted Corrine Warrener, who spoke to our chapter members, And explained the mission statement of the JBWS. The JBWS is an organization that helps protect victims of domestic abuse. The JBWS provides victims with counseling and shelter. Corrine doubled as a guest judge and helped pick the winner of the competition.

Spring State : 

Spring State At Spring State we hosted a delegation of 21, and won Chapter of the Year, while our Vice President Rachel Brown won Vice Mayor! We also stayed true to our traditions and dressed up as ‘Nerds for JSA’.

Dodgeball : 

Dodgeball Dodgeball is a WHRHS JSA tradition. For the past 50 years of “debate club” at Watchung Hills we have hosted the fundraiser, which is the responsibility of our treasurer, Nicole. These are pictures from our Dodgeball event last year. (our event this year is being held on May 20th)

Dodgeball : 


<3 Chapter love <3 : 

<3 Chapter love <3 One of the things our chapter is famous for, is the bond between members. We spend our entire lives together. A famous chapter quote is “You’re family” and “I’ve spent 40 hours with you in the past 48.” We emphasize movie nights, bowling, chapter dinners, and unity-that’s what makes us special. Our chapter also hosts Chapter Parties, that keep us together as a group, and keep us focused on our goals: such as our Potter Planning Party for our Mini-con. We can honestly say although they wouldn’t have previously any member can find a new best friend through JSA.

bowling : 


The End. : 

The End.

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