Brushing Your Teeth

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fourth grade power point about teeth and brushing


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How to keep a Pretty Smile!:

How to keep a Pretty Smile! Heather, Crystal, Terri, Angela, Caitlin

Definitions= Definicions:

Definitions= Definicions Teeth= Toothbrush=

More Definitions::

More Definitions : Flossing = Oral Hygeine = Dental Floss between teeth.

Why practice good oral hygiene?:

Why practice good oral hygiene? Bad Oral Hygiene Bad Oral Hygiene Good Oral Hygiene

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene:

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene If you brush and floss… Your will have a nice smile You will have good breath You may not get tooth decay or pain from cavitities . When you don’t brush and floss… Your smile may not be nice Your breath will stink Cavities can hurt


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