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INTRODUCTION AKD Trade is Pakistan's first Online Stock Trading platform which enabled investors to trade at the Karachi Stock Exchange using their computer from anywhere at any time.


THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ACCOUNT AKD TRADE OFFERED: Individual accounts: Are the most common personal investment accounts. The minimum investment required is Rs. 250,000. Joint accounts: Are set up by more than one person. The minimum investment required is Rs. 250,000. Corporate accounts: It can be opened by institutions, companies, partnerships, trusts and non-profit organizations. A minimum of Rs. 1,000,000 is required to open a Company Account at AKD Trade.


COMMISSION STRUCTURE AT AKD Trade Re 0.05 per share OR 0.1% of the Value of the share (whichever is higher) The ONE SLAB FOR ALL formula will be applied on the Delivery as well as Day Trade transactions. ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT of Re 0.01 per share on Day Trade transactions for shares traded up to Rs 10/- The Day Trade commission is charged on ONE side ONLY when an identical quantity of a share is purchased and sold during a same day. Please note that the Day Trade facility is only available in Margin Accounts.

AKD Trade PRO : 

AKD Trade PRO Is a system resident and purpose built Stock Trading Application. You can use its Market window to view real-time prices of your favorite Stocks. Similarly, you may carry out an array of functions i.e Buying, Selling, View Portfolio, Order Status etc through specific Pop-Up Windows on the same trading screen with the help of Unique Shortcut (Function) Keys. Details are mentioned below:

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F1 - Help F2 – Portfolio F3 - Share Holdings F4 - Buying Orders F5 - Selling Orders F6 - Outstanding Orders F7 - Executed Orders F8 - Mark / Cancel Delivery F9 - Market by Order Chart F10 - Client Information F12 - Market by Price Chart

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Besides these Shortcut Keys, you may also access all the necessary utilities through different links available on the Toolbar. These utilities include: Account Statement Order History Detailed Security Holding Change PIN/Password Cash Withdrawal Request Real Time Orders and Rate Graphs AKD Financial Portal


HOW TO TRADE Once you have logged into your AKD Trade Stock Trading Account Using Your UserID and Password you can now start placing orders. You are only allowed to trade within the amount specified in your Trading Limit. The Trading Limit is equal to your Cash Balance in your Account Once you know your Trading limit you know the size of orders you can place.

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ORDER NUMBER At the time of placement of orders on the website AKD Trade generates an Order Number for the client. Through this Order Number a client can identify their orders and monitor the status of their orders placed. ORDER STATUS: All orders placed will get one of the following responses indicating the Status of the Order: a. Pending b. In Process c. Executed d. Rejected e. Cancelled

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‘Executed’ confirmation reflects the status of execution indicating that the order placed has been executed in KATS – Karachi Stock Exchange Automated Trading System. ‘Pending’ status means the order has not yet been placed in KATS and awaits execution. The only scenario when the orders are not placed in KATS is when the KATS is closed. ‘In Process’ indicates that the order has been placed in KATS and is ready for execution.An order that fails execution will get a ‘Rejected’ status.


TYPES OF ORDER MARKET ORDERS : A Market Order is a request for execution on market prices. Whenever a customer wishes to purchase or sell a particular share at prevailing market prices a market order is placed for execution. LIMIT ORDERS A Limit Order is a request for execution of a BUY or a SELL at a specific price of the share.A limit Order ONLY gets executed at the price requested by the customer.

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STOP LOSS ORDERS A Stop Loss Order is a request to sell a particular share at a specific price below which the customer does not wish to trade.

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