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By: HYEHOPE (114 month(s) ago)

Yes We Can !!! by True and calculated Measures !!! Thank You for Sharing


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Hi Pete, this presentation is now featured on authorSTREAM. Congratulations and keep up the great work! - Akash, authorSTREAM Team

By: shia25 (149 month(s) ago)

is this our future :(

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Can We Feed The World of 2050?:

Can We Feed The World of 2050? Ali Manion Jennifer McMillon Peter Muehmel

What Do We Eat Now?:

What Do We Eat Now? FAO estimates there is enough food calories produced to feed 12 Billion people right now. So are we all fed…..?

Global Hunger:

Global Hunger

Population Growth:

Population Growth Current Statistics: 2010: 6.817 billion people Population Estimates: 2012: 7 Billion People 2050: 9.2-11 Billion People +74 million people per year currently

But Where Is This Growth Occurring?:

But Where Is This Growth Occurring? Currently : 5.3 billion people live in underdeveloped countries Projected 2050 : 7.8 billion

Upcoming Issues:

Upcoming Issues

Can we feed the world of 2050?:

Can we feed the world of 2050?

PowerPoint Presentation:

So… what can we do now to prevent this…?