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Activism Project: Domestic Violence Awareness Week : 

Activism Project: Domestic Violence Awareness Week By: Kara Kimball

Our Goal : 

Our Goal To make East Tennessee State University students aware of Domestic Violence Ask people to join in the fight against Domestic Violence To raise money for Safe Haven, a local Crisis and Recovery Center for Sexual Assault

The Project: April 5th-9th 2010 : 

The Project: April 5th-9th 2010 Monday- Promoting Domestic Violence Awareness & handing out information Tuesday-Bake Sale and Vulvapalooza Wednesday-Bake Sale , selling shirts, and showing of Sins By Silence Film Thursday- Bake Sale Friday- Bake Sale

My Part : 

My Part I made a poster with images of battered women and statistics on violence against women. I made cookies for the bake sale to raise money for Safe Haven I promoted our week by working the booth we set up on campus

Feminist? How? : 

Feminist? How? Several women and one male coming together for a cause of other women

What I liked about this : 

What I liked about this I met new people that shared this interest Overall we were a hard working group We helped a good cause A lot of people complimented my poster and cookies It was very well organized Our “Real Men Don’t Hit” shirts were complimented

My Dislikes : 

My Dislikes Comments made to me about our project being stupid or biased I faced some comments about our “Real Men Don’t Hit” shirts A few people in our group did not put a lot of effort forth into helping out with our project Our locations of the booth on some days made it difficult to reach out

What Worked & What Did Not : 

What Worked & What Did Not Worked Did Not Work The Film Bake Sale Shirt Sales Ribbons Art Activism Flyers Some locations

What would I do : 

What would I do Differently Same Helped in distributing the work more evenly among the group Helped to possibly get a better location than one of ours Group of people Aids in promoting our week

There was Success : 

There was Success We were able to inform students and faculty about our cause We raised $274 for Safe Haven from donations, the bake sale, and shirt sales

Big Thanks To Our Sponsors! : 

Big Thanks To Our Sponsors! Phi Sigma PI- Epsilon xi SGA/B.U.C. Fund Katie Baker (over Vulvapalooza) Also, everyone in the group and those who gave money for Safe Haven