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Improve the conversation on your blog : 

Improve the conversation on your blog SMX Munich, April 2008

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Joost de Valk, Search Strategist Onetomarket

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Arrogance, a blogger’s biggest enemy....

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Markets are conversations. Don’t talk to us as if you’ve forgotten how to speak.Don’t make us feel small.Remind us to be larger.Get a little of that human touch. You want us to pay? We want you to pay attention. - Cluetrain Manifesto

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To link to you, people need to: know you, like you and trust you

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You have to stand out, but stay connected

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Conversations create a ripple effect

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Bond with your readers, and improve the conversation!

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10 steps to improve the conversation on your blog

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Step 1: Ask for comments.

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Step 2: Thank people for commenting.

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Step 3: get to know your readers.

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Step 4: answer all questions, and respond to all feedback.

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Step 5: Reward good remarks.

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Step 6: keep people involved.

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Step 7: Build a list.

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Step 8: Fight spam, always.

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Step 9: Keep It Stupid Simple (to comment)

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Step 10: Measure, improve, and repeat

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Joost de Valk [email protected]