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511 or How to Stop Worrying and Love ITS : 

511 or How to Stop Worrying and Love ITS David Zavattero Illinois DOT 511 Working Group Meeting Austin, TX April 7-8, 2005

511 Status in the Midwest and the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee (GCM) Corridor : 

2 511 Status in the Midwest and the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee (GCM) Corridor Illinois 511 Wisconsin 511 Indiana 511

Targeted Outreach toLarge Metropolitan Areas : 

3 Targeted Outreach toLarge Metropolitan Areas Atlanta Austin Baltimore Boston Chicago Dallas-Fort Worth Detroit Houston Los Angeles Milwaukee New Jersey New York City Philadelphia Pittsburgh Saint Louis San Antonio San Diego Washington, DC

Illinois 511 Overview : 

4 Illinois 511 Overview Vision “Illinois 511 is a customer-driven, multimodal traveler information service available across the state via phones, the Internet and other personal communication devices. The Illinois 511 system will be interoperable with neighboring systems resulting in a reliable, more efficient transportation system ” All Tasks Completed Background and Evaluation of Options Conceptual Design and Implementation Plan Requirements

Illinois 511 Recommendations : 

5 Illinois 511 Recommendations System Content Follow the National Guidelines Statewide information Existing sources of data as foundation Approach Interactive Voice Recognition “Free” call Hybrid service, In-house and Contracted Off-premise IDOT data provider, contractor supplemented Contractor data fusion engine Network-hosted telephony and co-branded website Premium services Interoperability Data sharing through GCM Gateway Call transfers elsewhere

Illinois - Existing Data Systems : 

6 Illinois - Existing Data Systems Statewide Road Construction Winter Road Conditions Road Closure List Tourism Information Chicagoland Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor Travel Times Incident Information Congestion Information Construction Information Special Events Public Transportation RTA Transit Hub CTA Rideshare Hotline Airport Information

Slide 7: 

7 Illinois 511 Architecture

Wisconsin 511 Recommendations : 

8 Wisconsin 511 Recommendations Statewide system Existing data statewide (i.e., construction and weather) Detailed information in Milwaukee (traffic, travel times, congestion, incidents, construction) Phased expansion of information in other cities

Wisconsin 511 Recommendations (cont) : 

9 Wisconsin 511 Recommendations (cont) Develop statewide conditions system/database VXML-based 511 application Contracted hosting and support Allow transit and tourism agencies to create their own real-time services and link to 511

Indiana 511 Recommendations : 

10 Indiana 511 Recommendations Initial idea to deploy in GCM area Now looking at statewide deployment, including GCM Corridor Various sources of data depending on region covered: GCM – Utilize Gateway Traveler Information System Statewide – Utilize internal INDOT condition reporting system: Construction Maintenance Activities Weather related issues Start with basic system, more sophisticated later

Indiana 511 Recommendations(cont) : 

11 Indiana 511 Recommendations(cont) Coordinate with surrounding states for switching in border areas Kentucky and Cincinnati 511 already established – consulted during study lNDOT likely to go with Multi-State approach Too early to provide deployment date Still needs Executive Office review/approval

Summary : 

12 Summary Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana have worked cooperatively to develop compatible systems GCM Gateway will be key to interoperability www.gcmtravel.com Looking at statewide systems based largely on existing data Deployment timelines to be determined Stay-tuned!!! 511 coming soon to the Midwest