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To the creativity and artistry in everyone!

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And Enjoy

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Encouraging all who dare to dream...........

Slide 8: be in the moment. Live in the moment Live for the moment Express

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Mitch Williams Creativity and the Arts in Education

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Creativity and learning

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Multiple Solutions

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Create Evaluate Analyse Apply Higher Order Thinking Understand Remember

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Creativity and teaching

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Becoming a teacher of creativity

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your creative interests Share

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Play and art: Learning and development

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Sensorimotor stage of development (0-2 years) Preoperational stage of development (2-4 years) Concrete operational stage of development (4-7 years) Early Adolescence (8-12 years) Stages of Development in The Arts

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Curiosity Play Control Art Dialect of play and art Child Exploring Adult Established

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The perfect introduction to a science unit on the cretaceous period!

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The Arts in the Curriculum

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Grass Seeds The Arts Science English Maths SOSE Technology HPE LOTE Enriching the curriculum

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The Arts in teaching

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Community Support

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The possibilities?

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Multiple conceptual orientations

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A huge thankyou!

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To my primary school teachers and arts teachers.........

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for inspiring

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and embracing

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the artist in me!

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The End!

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