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1 The Future of Work: Amplified Individuals, Jobs, & Organizations Opportunity to move research into the ‘Wild’ Professor Elaine Ferneley [email protected]

future of work map:

2 future of work map

Amplified Individual:

3 Amplified Individual Provide social filters for massive amounts of information Highly social; Highly collaborative; Highly inprovisational; Highly augmented

highly social: sharing photos:

4 highly social: sharing photos

highly social: sharing music:

5 highly social: sharing music

highly social: sharing news:

6 highly social: sharing news

highly social: sharing resources:

7 highly social: sharing resources

highly social: life details:

8 highly social: life details

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9 Tap into and contribute to the intelligence of crowds (The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki) highly collective

highly collective: wikis:

10 highly collective: wikis

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11 Visible world: collaboration trails

highly collective: crowdsourcing:

12 highly collective: crowdsourcing Co-development of products, especially electronic products

highly collective: crowdsourcing:

13 highly collective: crowdsourcing

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14 Band together ad hoc to create infrastructure and community highly improvisational

highly improvisational: coworking:

15 highly improvisational: coworking Ideas factory, Manchester City Centre

highly improvisational: virtual worlds:

16 highly improvisational: virtual worlds IBM Virtual Strike in 2 nd Life – over 2k participants

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17 Employ systems, tools, and hacks to enhance cognitive abilities and coordination skills highly augmented

highly augmented: information control:

18 highly augmented: information control

highly augmented: attention interfaces:

19 Anti-procrastination alert: You have been browsing the Internet for 10 minutes. You can turn off these alerts in System Preferences. OK highly augmented: attention interfaces

highly augmented: ambient devices:

20 highly augmented: ambient devices Know your boss’s, colleague’s or partner’s mood! – Emotional technology

Visible world:

21 Visible world

visible world:

22 Research in the ‘Wild’ People, places, things, and processes will be surrounded by new layers of visible reality visible world

Visible world: explosion of sensors :

23 Visible world: explosion of sensors

PowerPoint Presentation:

24 Visible world: location trails Plazes - Keeps you informed of where your contacts are at any moment in time

PowerPoint Presentation:

25 Visible world: biometric trails

Visible world: zillionics:

26 Unrelenting rivers of sensory data will flow day and night from zillions of sources. — Kevin Kelly, (founding editor of wired, futurologist) ‘Speculations on the future of science’ Visible world: zillionics

future of work map:

27 future of work map

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