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May I please have a copy of this powerpoint I would work very well with my special education students. Thank you, Barb Garner [email protected]

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RESPECT Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule Dictionary definition “To have regard for or appreciation of a person’s worth; to honor, to esteem, to be courteous and be considerate to” Be tolerant of differences

Becoming a Respectful Person : 

Becoming a Respectful Person Show courtesy and be considerate of the feelings of others Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements

Self Respect : 

Self Respect Before you can respect others, you need to respect yourself Acceptance of positive and negative character traits

Self Respect : 

Self Respect Realistic goals to improve problems An “honoring” of ourselves, involves holding ourselves in a positive light, regardless of our mistakes, weaknesses, and problems

I respect myself too much to disrespect you : 

I respect myself too much to disrespect you Think about a famous person, such as a singer, a movie star, or someone else that seems to have a high level of self-respect. Name that person. Discuss qualities of both famous and infamous stars such as Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson.

Who would you like to be? : 

Who would you like to be? Choose anyone from the past or present Why did you choose that person? What qualities do you admire about that person? Discuss the character traits of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Helen Keller & others

Where does your value come from? : 

Where does your value come from? Knowledge, wealth, popularity, clothes, physical strength, famous, possessions, looks, drive an expensive car Universal principles and virtues Core value and core hurts Importance of respecting and understanding other youth and adults

Go ahead, I’m listening : 

Go ahead, I’m listening Listening is a way to show that you care about and respect another person Listening to another person is the best way to learn about that person Listening to others is necessary if you want others to listen to you. Often, people will listen better to someone who has been a good listener to them

Empathy : 

Empathy Definition “To empathize means putting ourselves in another person’s place, seeing the world through his or her eyes and standing in his or her shoes. Empathy is a mental exercise which requires thinking about what it is like to be the other person

Empathy : 

Empathy We can try to imagine what the other person is thinking and feeling and the reasons for his or her behavior

The Challenge : 

The Challenge Over the next 24 hours, keep a list of the number of times you catch yourself talking negatively about someone. The challenge is to see who has the lowest number of “Put Downs”. Remember the importance of honesty

Generations of Good Character : 

Generations of Good Character Which of these virtues are elements of being a respectful person? Add traits according to your own values Evaluate character traits Homework: Complete the grandparents’ interview sheet and return to your teacher

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