Effective Online Marketing


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Effective Online Marketing

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What we’ll be covering today; 3 P’s for Successful Online Marketing Online Visibility Business Blogging Social Media Email Marketing

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PRESENCE An effective Online Presence (Web Site) + PROMOTION Incoming Traffic (Prospects) to your Web Site + PERSUASION Conversion of Leads (Prospects) into Customers 3 STEPS to Online Success

An Online Presence that generates Sales to make Money & Profit for your Business:

An Online Presence that generates Sales to make Money & Profit for your Business


PRESENCE WEBSITE BUSINESS BLOG SOCIAL MEDIA Online Presence is more than your website. An effective website is essential but you also need to have ‘Online Visibility’


BUSINESS BLOGGING BLOG = Web Log Displays content in chronological order Most Recent at Top Just another type of Website Post Text, Images, Video, Audio Free or Low Cost RSS – Subscribe to Updates

The Power of Blogging for Business:

The Power of Blogging for Business Provides Web Presence Easy to Manage (built in CMS) Low Cost Lead Generation Great for SEO – Google Loves Blogs Builds Credibility & Expert Status Communication with Market EASY SEO

Social Media:

Social Media

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Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. At its most basic sense social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. It is a fusion between sociology and technology – allowing people to connect in the online world to form relationships for both personal and business . • Blogs • Video • Social Networks • Podcasts • Wiki’s • Bookmarking • Virtual worlds Forums and message boards

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Benefits of Social Networking Online Online Visibility to your target market to Media to joint venture opportunities Generate leads to your Website & Business Become known as an expert in your industry Information Gathering Relationship Building

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Word of Mouth & Referral Marketing through Social Media


Twitter Approx 12 million worldwide users Fast Growing Social Network Lots of Media Attention www.twitter.com


Facebook Approx 130 million worldwide users Estimated 4.7 million Aussies! Fast Growing Social Network Lots of Media Attention www.facebook.com


Linkedin 40 million worldwide users Business Oriented Network www.linkedin.com

Tips for Social Networking:

Tips for Social Networking Get Started - Register Add relevant information to your profile including your website and blog link/s Search for contacts & add to your network Interact – comments, offer help etc Post Status Updates regularly Cross publish your Blog posts (if relevant) Share Resources (web links etc)

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Email Marketing Convert & Retain your ideal clients using a simple EMAIL NEWSLETTER once a month. PERSUASION

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Email Marketing = Relationship Marketing by Email Conversion of Prospects to Clients over time via regular EMAIL communications EMAIL MARKETING Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses Email as a means of communicating messages to your clients.

7 Reasons to publish an EMAIL NEWSLETTER:

7 Reasons to publish an EMAIL NEWSLETTER Stay in Touch Maximize Website Effectiveness Low Cost Build Trust & Credibility Promote Products & Services Track Results Save time – get your message to many people at once. Ultra Low Cost Lead Conversion

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Special Deals & Postcard - Email Marketing Perfect for Product based, Retail & Hospitality Exclusive Email Offers Last minute special offers Generate traffic & customers Promote products & services Increase Profits & Sales 3 Day Sale 50% off Super Special

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Text Emails Vs HTML Emails Email Marketing – Best Practices Text Email HTML Email

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Consent Unsubscribe Identify SPAM COMPLIANCE

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Opt-In Subscribers from your Website Consider providing an Incentive: Free Gift, eg . Free Report or E-Book Discount or Special Offer

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Provide Good Quality Content that recipients will be pleased to receive Sender Reputation!! Giving Vs Promotion – use the 80/20 rule Provide an Offer & encourage Action Effective Subject Line Email Marketing – Best Practices

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EMAIL PUBLISHING www.chameleon-mail.com


RESOURCES Belinda’s Websites & Services; www.webchameleon.com.au www.chameleon-mail.com www.creatingonlinesuccess.com www.businessbloggingprogram.com