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BHEL - a Corporate Citizen : 

BHEL - a Corporate Citizen

About BHEL : 

About BHEL The largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy/ infrastructure sector Earning profits continuously since 1971-72 Installed power generation capacity At the time of independence 1947 - 1347 MW As of March 2004 - 1,11,150 MW BHELs contribution - 71,255 MW i.e 64 % BHEL operates in Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear, Gas, Wind and Solar Energy Sector Other Business Sector are Transmission, Transportation, Telecommunication and equipment supplier for Cement, fertilizer, refineries, petrochemical, steel, paper industry etc. 14 Manufacturing Units, 4 Power Sector Regions and 43,700 strong technical workforce makes it one of the top ten Power Equipment makers in the world

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Society – expects a a good Corporate Citizen For business operations, economic & hygiene factors are important for the shareholder , customer & vendor stakeholders Environment - Conservation/Improvement, employment opportunities and employability of wards of deceased employees are needs of employee stakeholders BHEL VISION

Society as a Stakeholder expects the following from industry : : 

Society as a Stakeholder expects the following from industry : Minimum Pollution Energy Conservation & Sustainable Development Hygiene in neighbouring areas Provision of essentials Economic & Intellectual benefits

BHEL tries to provide all the above to Society: : 

BHEL tries to provide all the above to Society: Developing auxiliary welfare centres for vocational training and providing inputs to daily needs of the organisation & its employees 2) Afforestation & Rainwater Harvesting 3) Assistance to Mentally & Physically challenged At 4 Major Units in Bhopal, Hardwar, Hyderabad, & Trichy

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4) Adopting villages and providing support for development of infrastructure & basic amenities for the residents 56 Nos. in Backward areas Development of infrastructure & basic amenities like roads, hand pumps, schools, medical camps etc. 5) Education facilities Schools & Colleges in Manufacturing Units IT School at Trichy Many other such higher educational/professional institutions proposed Nursing school at Bhopal 6) Sports complexes 7) Medical facilities 8) Member of UN Global Compact

Institutions for Mentally & Physically Challenged (Community Based Rehabilitation Centres) : 

Institutions for Mentally & Physically Challenged (Community Based Rehabilitation Centres) Objective Meticulous care for the Mentally Challenged Training in a Structured Way Customised attention Strengthening the mind and the body Vocational Training To enable Auxiliary Welfare Centres to provide employment opportunities

How it has helped business promotion : 

How it has helped business promotion Greeting cards and calendars made by physically & mentally challenged are distributed to customers Customers feel that if so much care is shown by the company to meet societal needs , the same amount of care would be given to customer needs also Compassion has become second nature

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity; It comes from an indomitable will” - Mahatma Gandhi

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