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I understand that professional nurses could be offended when they'll be asked to smile more since they're too tired of their jobs to think about smiling first. Nevertheless, their jobs require that because they're supposed to provide patient satisfaction by sincerely caring for them and looking after their needs. Sadly, not all nurses are nice and warm enough towards their patients.

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Patient Satisfaction : 

Patient Satisfaction

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The low survey scores seemed like a personal affront to some physicians, so careful work had to be done to keep them from feeling like it was a personal attack."

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'What else can I do for you?'"

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Some nurses feel insulted. They think, “I’m a nursing professional! I’m with people when they’re sick and dying, and now I’m being told to smile more?!?” Or they feel judged, “How dare anyone imply that I don’t care!?!” Some nurses feel resentful. They think, “When this organization removes the obstacles that make my life difficult, I’ll smile more!” And other nurses feel cynical. They think, “This IS important, but it won’t stick. This too shall pass like other things we’ve tried to do here.”

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Tell me in detail about a specific time when you were moved by the privilege of being a nurse. When in your professional life have you experienced deep appreciation for your work? Share the event, circumstances, and images that come to your mind. When and how did you demonstrate loving care today?

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Scripting: Nurses are no longer free to communicate the way that feels natural or based on the situation at hand but are given scripts to communicate with their patients. Coincidentally, or not, the scripts prompt the patient to answer their discharge surveys by injecting key phrases into the scripts that correspond with the questions on the survey. Would you like Fries with that?Managing up: Encouraging staff to positively portray services and co-workers, doctors, ect during conversations and hand offs regardless if it is true or not. Hi, this is your Doctor, He is one of our best physicians, The patients really love him. Wink WinkHourly rounding: Rounding every hour and every half our for ER utilizing your best scripting language. Staff are required to fill out rounding documents and some facilities play the beach boys music “I get Around” every hour on the hour to remind staff. Even the Manager, CNE, and CEO round once a day and ask patients directly if your Nurse has been doing their rounding. I hope my patients are not sleeping when I round, I might get a write up for not performing my hourly’s.Discharge Phone calls: Generally a good concept if done to check on patients but these calls are timed and scripted to plant answers to survey questions with the specific purpose of boosting patient satisfaction scores. Expect a call the day before your survey arrives provided you were not admitted, transferred, mental health, or someone who really needed to be in the ER.Peer review: Having staff fill out 1 to 5 rating scales on each other in 5 different categories. Used to help classify people as low, medium, or high performers. If you dont participate your immediatly classified a low performer. Nice way of turning the staff against each other.RME: Marketing measures disguised as ED through put measures that focus on turnover and catering to low acuity patients, oops, I mean customers. I have written on RME and similar programs here and here. The common thread it that they de-emphasize Triage and limit the practice of Nursing.

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