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In Loving Memory & Celebration of the Life of James Anthony “Tony” Chronister

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James Nathan Chronister + Lora Ruth Chronister =

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James Anthony “Tony”

Slide 6: 

Tony at San Jacinto Monument

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Slide 25: 

April Marie

Slide 33: 

Sarah Ruth

Slide 45: 


Slide 46: 

Robert Anthony

Slide 54: 

Elizabeth Yvonne

Slide 57: 

Jessica Anne

Slide 66: 

My Father was…

Slide 67: 

…no ordinary man…

Slide 68: 

…an entrepreneur from an early age…

Slide 69: 

....a visionary….

Slide 70: 

…a Family Man…

Slide 75: 

Timothy Caleb “T.C.” …a Loving Grandfather…

Slide 76: 

Hannah Rivers Maggie Elizabeth

Slide 77: 

Joseph Nickolas

Slide 78: 

Patrick Orion “Tito”

Slide 82: 

…a dedicated Community Volunteer…

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Slide 84: 

…a famous Pirate Ship Builder…

Slide 85: 

a world traveler…

Slide 86: 

…and Pioneer.

Slide 88: 

Grand Caymen

Slide 89: 

Yosemite National Park

Slide 90: 

Sequoia National Forest

Slide 91: 

Kauai, Hawaii 1990

Slide 92: 

Colorado 1996

Slide 93: 

Guatamala 1997

Slide 94: 

Costa Rica

Slide 95: 

He could fix anything…

Slide 97: 

…Was no ordinary man… … charm ANYONE…

Slide 98: 

…and feared nothing.

Slide 99: 

We are his Legacy…

Slide 100: 

And me…I’m the dreamer my Dad was…and just as opinionated and stubborn. What an incredible father I was blessed with. These are only a few moments of his beautiful life. I can’t help but feel the big void in our family that used to be filled with his warmth, humor, and charm. I’ll miss you always, Daddy…until we meet again. ~Love, April