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WHAT IS POWER A capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B, so that B acts in accordance with A’s wishes. Power : A function of Dependency: B’s relationship to A when A possesses something that B requires.

Individual Power : 

Individual Power


BASES OF POWER 1)Formal Power: Based on individual’s position in an organization. Types: Coercive Power Reward Power Legitimate Power

2)Personal Power : 

2)Personal Power Expert Power Influence based on special skills & knowledge. Referent Power Influence based on possession by an individual of desirable resources or personal traits.

Dependency: The Key to Power : 

Dependency: The Key to Power What creates dependency? dependency is increased when the resources you control are: Important Scarce Nonsubstitutablility

Power Tactics : 

Power Tactics Ways in which individuals translate power bases into specific actions. Influence Tactics: Legitimacy Rational Persuasion Inspirational Appeals Consultation Exchange Personal Appeals Ingratiation Pressure Coailitions

Preferred Power Tactics by Influence Direction : 

Preferred Power Tactics by Influence Direction Upward Influence Downward Lateral Influence Influence Rational Persuasion Rational Persuasion Rational Persuasion Inspirational Appeals Consultation Pressure Ingratiation Consultation Exchange Ingratiation Legitimacy Exchange Personnel Appeals Legitimacy

Sexual Harassment: Unequal Power in Workplace : 

Sexual Harassment: Unequal Power in Workplace An unwanted activity of sexual nature that affects an individual’s employment and creates a hostile work environment.

Politics/Political Behavior : 

Politics/Political Behavior Organizational politics is all about--actions not officially approved by an organization that are taken to influence others to meet one's personal goals. Organizational politics does involve planning one's self-interest above the interests of the organization.

Types: Of Political Behavior : 

Types: Of Political Behavior Legitimate Political Behavior Normal everyday politics. Illegitimate Political Behavior Extreme political behavior that violates the implied rules of the game.

Factors Influencing Political Behavior : 

Factors Influencing Political Behavior Individual factors High self-monitors Internal locus of control High Mach personality Organizational investment Perceived job alternatives Expectations of success Organizational Factors Reallocation of Resources Promotion Opportunities Low Trust Role Ambiguity Zero sum reward Practice Democratic decision making High performance pressure Self serving senior managers Political behaviour Low High Rewards Averted Punishments Favourable outcomes

Employee Responses to Organizational Politics : 

Employee Responses to Organizational Politics Organizational Politics May Threaten Employees. Decreased Job Satisfaction Increased Anxiety and Stress Increased Turnover Reduced Performance

Impression Management : 

Impression Management The process by which individuals attempt to control the impression others form of them. Impression ManagementTechniques: Confirmity Excuses Apologies Self-Promotion Flattery Favors Association

Ethics of Behaving Politically : 

Ethics of Behaving Politically What is the utility of engaging in politicking? How does the utility of engaging in political behavior Balance out any harm it will do to others? Does the political activity confirm to standards of equity and justice?

Global Implications : 

Global Implications Politics Perceptions When people see their work environment as political, negative consequences in their overall work attitude result. Preference for Power Tactics People in different countries tend to prefer different power tactics. Effectiveness of Power Tactics

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