Understanding the Social Culture of Meda

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Understanding the Social Culture of Medanese : 

Understanding the Social Culture of Medanese


BACKGROUND City of Medan was found by a spiritual shaman named Guru Patimpus. After he opened the land, people started to came and built accommodation. Medanese consists of : people from Melayu Deli, Bataknese, Javanese (caused by transmigration program), Acehnese and Padangnese. In daily life, Medanese is independent to one another. During the war period, Medan was seen as a dangerous threat since its people were so united and lack of fear against the invader army.


CULTURE Medanese people are attached to each culture they carry. Although modernization has been running smooth in this town, but local culture and tradition has not been vanished since it sticks to them and will be performed in every big event such as marriage, death ceremony, season festive etc.


BEHAVIOUR Medanese is famous in bravery and less discipline. Even the latest Chief of Police (2009) mentioned that Medan is the most difficult city to be controlled during his entire career in life. This behavior has been absorbed and influenced from the Bataknese. Medanese has been one of the social group in Indonesia which being given two thumbs up because of the strong unity that can be found inside. The effect of this positive aspect is that the local people will be difficult to be manipulated and attacked.