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Constitution Leftovers : 

Constitution Leftovers Mr. Mariglia’s 7th Grade Social Studies

A. Unwritten Constituion : 

A. Unwritten Constituion Constitution protects things that it doesn’t even mention. 1. The President’s Cabinet Elastic clause Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18 (“necessary & proper” powers of Congress)

Elastic Clause Powers : 

Elastic Clause Powers Congress sets a federal minimum wage.  Congress establishes the United States Air Force. Congress establishes national parks. Congress created a National Bank  Congress creates federal laws against pollution.  Congress makes laws regarding discrimination in employment.  Congress decides that televisions should have V-chips that enable parents to block certain shows.  Congress passes the Gun-Free School Zones Act prohibiting anyone from possessing a firearm in a school zone.

B. A Living Document : 

B. A Living Document The founding fathers allowed for flexibility and future change. Amendments – the ability to change the Constitution (Write an example here……) 2. Checks & Balances Examples: Legislative: Judicial: Executive:

C. Who did the founding fathers leave out??? : 

C. Who did the founding fathers leave out??? LAND

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