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Exercises : 

Exercises 一、Fill in the blanks. How many _______(小时) are there in a day? In spring, the weather _________(变) warmer. When is the sun _________(升起)? Sunday is the ____(第一) day of a week. In spring, there are some ________(阵雨). hours becomes rising first showers

二、句型转换 : 

二、句型转换 6. I will be ready in ten minutes.(划线部分提问) ___ ____ will you be ready? 7. Today is Tuesday.(同上) 8. The apples are two yuan a kilo. 9. Today the temperature goes up.(同义句) Today the temperature ____. 10. It often snows in the north.(反意疑问句 It often snows in the north, ____ _____? How soon rises doesn’t it

write down the dates of the festivals given : 

write down the dates of the festivals given Christmas Day ______ April Fools’ Day_____ Teachers’ Day_____ Spring Festival (this year)_____ Children’s Day______ Women’s Day _____

Slide 4: 

Retell the text: There are _____ hours of _______ on March 21. The sun _____ at about six o’clock in the morning and it ____ at about six o’clock in the evening. In spring, the weather ________warmer. The temperature _____ _____! In early spring, it sometimes ________. But the snow ______ quickly in the ______ sun. In April, rain _______ begin. Sometimes there are storms _____ thunder and ____________. Thunder _______ a loud noise. twelve daylight rises sets becomes goes up snows melts warm showers with lightning makes

Lesson 3Postcards! : 

Lesson 3Postcards! send…to

What do you do when you miss your friend? : 

What do you do when you miss your friend? Send a postcard to… Write a letter to… Call … E-mail

Listen and answer! : 

Listen and answer! Are the days getting longer? In Edmonton, it often snows in March, doesn’t it?

Slide 8: 

Read the text and answer T or F.

Slide 9: 

( )1. Spring arrives in Shijiazhuang on April twenty-first. ( ) 2. The temperature was already fifteen degrees. Li Ming needed his jacket. ( ) 3. The days are getting longer. ( ) 4. Today the sun rose at six fifty. T F T F

Slide 10: 

( ) 5. The sun will set at about 6:15. ( ) 6. It is snowing in Canada. ( ) 7. It often snows in March, April and May in Canada. ( ) 8.Jenny liked “snow” soccer. T F F T

Slide 11: 

( )9. Chinese people like flying kites in early winter. ( ) 10. Cycling means riding a bicycle. ( ) 11.Many teenagers skate on the ice. ( ) 12. In soccer, you hit the ball. F T T

Slide 12: 

Answer some questions: 1.Has spring arrived in Shijiazhuang? .Spring has arrived in Shijiazhuang. Spring has reached Shijiazhuang. Spring has got to Shijiazhuang.

Slide 13: 

The train arrived______ the station. They arrived ______ home early. They got _____ home early. at

Slide 14: 

2. What does Li Ming see in the park? He sees many people in the park exercising. See sb. do / doing sth. Can you see them ________ football over there?(play) I saw him ________ out of the house.(go) playing go

Slide 15: 

When I walked past, I heard her ________ English.(read) reading

Slide 16: 

3.When will the sun set? The sun will set in fifteen minutes. He will be back ____ two days. They_____ finish the work ____ ten months. The girl ___ the hat is my sister. They are playing ___ new clothes. All of them are ____ black. Please say it _____ Japanese. in will in in in in in

Slide 17: 

4. When will Jenny see the flowers? She won’t see any flowers until May. She won’t see any flowers before May. She will see some flowers after May. not… until = not… before = after They ______ leave ______ they finished the work. He ______ go to bed ______ 11 o’clock. didn’t until won’t until

Slide 18: 

Some exercises: 5.I needn’t wear my jacket. I _____________ my jacket. I ____________wear my jacket. 3.What’s the weather like ? ________ the weather? 4.The sun rises early in the morning. The sun ______________ early in the morning. don’t need don’t need to How is goes up

Slide 19: 

Retell the text: Today, spring , arrive in, walked to school, temperature, this afternoon, didn’t need

Slide 20: 

Retell the text: 2. getting longer, rises earlier, today’s sunrise, every morning, see … exercises

Slide 21: 

Retell the text: 3. now, 6 o’clock, in the evening, sun, will set

Slide 22: 

1.Thank you for ------, beautiful, I love ------

Slide 23: 

2.isn’t snowing, but, some snow, on the grass, in Edmonton, often, in March, sometimes, in April and May, won’t see … until

Slide 24: 

3.after school, play outdoors, “snow soccer”, need, jackets and boots, fun, fell in the snow, next month, will play in our ….