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SuperCharge GroupWise® ROI with Extensions, Integration, and Management : 

SuperCharge GroupWise® ROI with Extensions, Integration, and Management © 2005 Advansys Pty Limited Advansys® Formativ™

Who are we? : 

Who are we? GroupWise Solutions Company Advansys incorporated in 1989 Over 12 years GroupWise third party development experience Export to more than 20 countries Novell Technology Partner Speak regularly at BrainShare and Advisor Summits

What we do : 

What we do

Advansys Formativ : 

Advansys Formativ

Designed for the enterprise : 

Designed for the enterprise

Key features : 

Key features ‘Out of the box’ solutions Integrated rapid solutions development tool Powerful GroupWise client extensions Scalable solutions framework Add and maintain any number of solutions Novell eDirectory™ support for fast and secure solution deployment

Key benefits : 

Key benefits Maximize return on GroupWise investment Harness the full potential of GroupWise Customize GroupWise to meet exact needs Integrate with existing corporate systems Make the most of existing IT infrastructure As needs change, add or adapt solutions in a rapid, cost effective manner Even simple custom or personalized solutions can yield significant GroupWise user benefits

Off-the-shelf solutions : 

Off-the-shelf solutions Academic Timetable Pack Calendar Pack Message Saver Pack Outlook Migration Pack Personalized Emailer Pack Presentation Pack Productivity Pack Anniversaries Calendar Dates Contacts Finder Day Blocker Enterprise Calendar Dates Enterprise Proxy iCal Solution Message Notes Multiple Signatures Out of the Office Portals Publish Message List Quick Proxy Quick Recipients Remote Image Inserter Reply Quoter Search and Replace Stationery Templates Word Mail Merge

GroupWise Cool Solutions : 

GroupWise Cool Solutions Attachment Checker No Junk Mail Today View Solution iCal (iCalendar) Solution Print Message Outlook Migration Pack Send welcome message Mailbox View Enable or disable Document Management Insert Attachment List Document Management System Meta Data Export Export to Disk CSV Address Book Importer Quick Proxy Rights Quick Send Export Proxy Details Web Browser Export Address Book Group Members to CSV Mailbox Cleanup Conditions of Use Customize Startup Folder SQL Example Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries Filing Assistant Solution Set Reply Status Mailbox Statistics Add URLs to message Accounting Codes System Example

Industries using Formativ : 

Industries using Formativ Formativ is currently used in Formativ is a cross-industry solution Every GroupWise user is apotential Formativ customer!

Some international customers... : 

Some international customers... American Institute of Baking Blasland, Bouck & Lee Inc Central Washington University Clerk of the Circuit Court Florida Metropolitan Hospital - Grand Rapids Department of the Solicitor General - Canada Hessischer Rundfunk - Germany CSIR - South Africa Cardiff University - UK Shelter - UK Sussex Ambulance Service NHS Trust - UK Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising NGC - New Zealand

Some Australian customers... : 

Some Australian customers... CCSU DIPNR St George Bank Ministry of Transport NSW Dept of Commerce MBF NSW Fire Brigades City of Mitcham Office of Parliamentary Counsel Small Business Development Corporation WA

Case Study 1 – Local Government : 

Case Study 1 – Local Government The Need Dramatically increase efficiency of Building Notifications system Meet new State Government reporting laws Meet legal evidence standards The Formativ Solution Workflow solution using GroupWise tasks Custom dialogs manage message handling Fast, automated reporting using Microsoft Excel Met all project objectives with a low cost solution

Case Study 1 – Notification Form : 

Case Study 1 – Notification Form

Case Study 2 – Legal Industry : 

Case Study 2 – Legal Industry The Need Manage case load more effectively through regular advance notifications of pending cases Automated task reminder management The Formativ Solution Reminders created using alarmed appointments When a task is completed, optionally recreate task and reminders for following year Automatic reminder management Deleting or completing a task removes all associated reminders

Case Study 2 – Creating Reminders : 

Case Study 2 – Creating Reminders

Case Study 2 – Automatic renewal : 

Case Study 2 – Automatic renewal

Case Study 3 - Banking : 

Case Study 3 - Banking The Need Migrate from Outlook to Exchange Minimize effort in migrating of Outlook calendar and email data to new GroupWise user accounts Provide similar HTML template facility The Formativ Solution Outlook Calendar and Email conversion applets Automated population of GroupWise mailbox Customized templates (stationery) system Enabled access to converted Outlook templates

Case Study 4 - Government : 

Case Study 4 - Government The Need Migrate from Lotus Notes mail to GroupWise Replicate user’s Notes mail folders in GroupWise Move user’s mail into correct folders The Formativ Solution Parsed text file with Notes mail folder structure Automatically created GroupWise folders Automatically moved converted messages from the GroupWise mailbox into appropriate folders

Case Study 5 - Manufacturing : 

Case Study 5 - Manufacturing The Need Automate expense reporting and management Include workflow approval mechanism Reduce reimbursement processing times Must be a low cost solution The Formativ Solution Workflow solution using routed email messages Integrates with existing expense system Captures expense validation statement Met all project objectives with a low cost solution

Case Study 5 – Expense Form : 

Case Study 5 – Expense Form

Case Study 6 - Education : 

Case Study 6 - Education The Need Improve GroupWise distribution list management Export distribution lists to Microsoft Excel Two reports to illustrate list/user relationships The Formativ Solution Leveraged GroupWise administration services Automatic generation of Excel reports Low cost solution met exact needs

Case Study 7 - Banking : 

Case Study 7 - Banking The Need Capture loan information for branch offices Automated message creation and addressing Hide native GroupWise message interface The Formativ Solution Implemented easy to use custom form Automated, hidden GroupWise message creation and processing Seamlessly integrated the bank’s business process with GroupWise

Case Study 7 – Loan Request Form : 

Case Study 7 – Loan Request Form

Case Study 8 – Travel Industry : 

Case Study 8 – Travel Industry The Need Integrate with existing airline reservation system Replace plain text itinerary email with HTML Easy to use solution The Formativ Solution Custom Formativ stationery (HTML) solution Automatic insertion of airline reservation system itinerary data into corporate stationery Single button action

Who can customize GroupWise? : 

Who can customize GroupWise? With Formativ, just about anybody: GroupWise Users Administrators Developers Resellers, Integrators, ISVs Advansys

A unique approach : 

A unique approach Designed exclusively for GroupWise Integrated Development Tool ‘Point-and-click’ ease Standards based Secure Unique eDirectory management option

The hard way… : 

The hard way… VB Delphi C++ C3PO Object API Token Commander Admin API COM Windows DLLs TPH

The easy way! : 

The easy way! GroupWise + Formativ Solutions VB Delphi C++ C3PO Object API Token Commander Admin API COM Windows DLLs TPH

Formativ concept diagram : 

Formativ concept diagram GroupWise 32-bit Windows client

Customize GroupWise easily! : 

Customize GroupWise easily! Add new or hide GroupWise features Simplify existing GroupWise features Tailor GroupWise to meet specific needs Turnkey collaboration based solutions Business process automation and workflow Integrate GroupWise with external systems

Easy application integration : 

Easy application integration Any application with a COM interface

Enterprise database integration : 

Enterprise database integration

Secure multi-account access : 

Secure multi-account access GroupWise 6.5 multi- user account access

Workflow solutions : 

Workflow solutions GroupWise + Formativ Generate Report GroupWise + Formativ User (help!) Report Close Incident Accept Incident Help Desk User New Acknowledge Close Update Query Update

Formativ Portal example : 

Formativ Portal example

HTML Dialogs – an example : 

HTML Dialogs – an example

Simple, secure management : 

Simple, secure management Exploit the power, security of Novell eDirectory Easy, secure solution deployment for users, groups, departments or the enterprise Use Formativ Studio to publish a solution to eDirectory for immediate availability Supported by all Formativ products Formativ engine rollout Novell ZENworks® support GroupWise Add-on directory Configurable Windows installation program

Formativ Studio startup : 

Formativ Studio startup FormativAdministrator Role Novell eDirectory Cache and load applets Startup checks Client settings Administrator mode Library administrator Configuration Object Local Applets Applet Libraries GroupWise + Formativ Studio

Formativ applet publishing : 

Formativ applet publishing Applet Library Novell eDirectory Publish Local applets GroupWise + Formativ Studio

Formativ client startup : 

Formativ client startup Configuration Object Applet Libraries Novell eDirectory Cache and load encrypted applets Client settings Startup check Local applets GroupWise + Formativ

System components : 

System components

Formativ Runtime : 

Formativ Runtime Low cost framework for running an unlimited number of secure Formativ solutions

Formativ Creator : 

Formativ Creator Create and run solutions for personal or corporate use

Formativ Studio : 

Formativ Studio Create, run and manage Formativ solutions Secure Formativ solutions deployment and administration using Novell eDirectory™

Formativ Solutions Packs : 

Formativ Solutions Packs Wide range of commercial solutions for common GroupWise enhancements

Formativ Small Business : 

Formativ Small Business 1 x Formativ Studio license 1 x Formativ Creator license 100 x Formativ Runtime licenses Expand with additional Runtime licenses

Formativ Enterprise : 

Formativ Enterprise 5 x Formativ Studio licenses 5 x Formativ Creator licenses 250 x Formativ Runtime licenses Expand with additional Runtime licenses

Key Formativ resources : 

Key Formativ resources Advansys Home Page Formativ Applet Central – Free Solutions Hosted by GroupWise Cool Solutions See Resources menu link at Advansys Support Forums

Conclusion : 

Conclusion With Formativ you can extend GroupWise easily exploit unprecedented opportunities for ‘out of the box’ solutions, systems integration and business process automation maximize ROI maximize user satisfaction :

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