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Lesson 30 Eat a Donut and Turn Right

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Chat Show Have you ever lost your way before? How did you find your way back?

Asking the way: : 

Asking the way: Excuse me, where is the…? Can you tell me the way to …? Which is the way to….? How I can get to…? Can you tell me how to get to…?

Showing the way: : 

Showing the way: 1.Walk straight down the street… = along 2.Turn… at the …crossing. 3. You will go past … 4.Cross the street / park. 5.Walk until you see …

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Police Station Book- shop Fruit Shop Bus Stop Park Clothing Factory Post Office Toilet Zoo School Hospital Tea House Excuse me... Sorry... Walk along... A B C

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HOME SCHOOL Look at the map. How many ways can you find to school from your home?

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Read and tell true(T) or false(F) 1Brain finds the right park first.( ) 2Brain sees a police on his way to the cinema.( ) 3Brain lost his way.( ) 4 Five minutes later, Brain reaches the gate of the cinema.( ) wrong arrive at get to = F F T T

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Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks: Brain begins to walk. He walks and walks. He ________ the street. He turns right. He turns left. He ______ a park, But it’s the wrong park. Then Brain sees a woman. She is walking _____ the sidewalk.”Excuse me,” he says. “ _______________________________________?” “Yes, I can,” she says.” _______________________.Turn right ____ the second crossing. You can see the movie theatre from there.” crosses finds along Can you tell me the way to the cinema Go down this street. at

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What did Danny do to help Brian find the way? What did Brian pass on the way? How did he know it was the wrong park? What did he do when he found he was lost? Where was the woman when Brian saw her? Did he find the way at last? Read the text quickly and answer the following questions:

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This is a piece of paper. Walk straight down the street and eat a donut. Have you eaten the donut? Okay! Now cross the street. Turn right. You will go past a grocery store. Drink the milk and walk down the street. Did you drink the milk? Good! Turn right, turn left and walk across the park. Turn left after you pass the seventh tree, and walk until you see the movie theatre.

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???? ???? ???? ???? a piece of news two pieces of bread three pieces of pizza a piece of advice

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? ??? see a movie see a film watch a movie go to the cinema ? five minutes later ???? + later Ten years later, there will be many tall trees here . Two hours later, Tom arrived at the hospital.

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?until ??…?? not …until ??…? 1.They worked _____ everyone was tired. 2.They ______stop working ____ I came. until didn’t until ?get lost =be lost (??) My sister _____ ____ yesterday.He cried and cried. was lost (got lost)

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Let's Practice

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1.Walk s _________ down the street and you’ll find it. 2. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the c_______? traight inema ?????

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3.I need a p______ of paper to write.4.It’s easy for us to be l ______ in the forest.5.Walk on u ______ you reach the end. iece ost ntil

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1.We often go to the cinema by bus. (???????)______ ______ you often ______ to the cinema? How do go ??????????

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2.I didn’t do my homework because I was ill. (???????)_____ _____ _____ do your homework? didn’t you Why

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3.The box is very heavy. I can’t carry it. (????) The box is ______ heavy _____ me _____ carry. too for to

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II.???????????. 1.She ____(be) born in 1998. 2. Mingming often ____ (fly) a kite on Sundays. 3. I often ________ (watch) TV on Saturday evening last year. 4.They _____ (have) a good time last night. 5.____ you ______ (enjoy) yourself yesterday? 6.Yesterday he __________ (not know) it. 7.Tomorrow they _________ (leave) for Shanghai. 8. Please tell your teacher about it as soon as you_____ (get) to school this afternoon. was flies watched had Did enjoy didn’t know will leave are leaving get

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9.They will have a sports meeting if it __________ ( not rain ) next Saturday. 10.Let’s go to the playground. Our classmates _________ (play) football. 11.I saw him _______ (read) his book at this time yesterday. 12.Ms Zhang hopes ________ (come) back as soon as possible. 13.My mother began ______ (cook) when she ____ (get) home. 14.Thanks a lot for your_________ (invite). 15.Thank you for ________(invite) me . doesn’t rain are playing reading to come to cook got invitation inviting