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Writing Effective Applications for the DFC Program : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Writing Effective Applications for the DFC Program Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Program Executive Office of the President of the United States White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Grant Cycle : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc The Grant Cycle January: Request for Applications (RFA) public March: Applications are due March/April: Screened for format and related HHS requirements April: Screened for statutory eligibility by CSAP & ONDCP in April of each year May/June: Peer Review Process June/July: Rank ordered; “Package” completed by SAMHSA & approved by ONDCP August: Funding decisions announced August/September: Training Triage by SAMHSA POs December: Mandatory New Grantee Training in DC

The Grant Cycle : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc The Grant Cycle January RFA public March Applications Due March/April HHS format/requirement screening April Statutory Eligibility Screening Eligible? Ineligible? May/June Peer Review Process June/July Rank Order “Package Assembled” August Funding Decisions Announced August/September Training Triage by POs December Mandatory New Grantee Training

Review and Selection ProcessWhy do applicants fail to get funded? : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Review and Selection ProcessWhy do applicants fail to get funded? Miss the application deadline Application provides too much fluff There is no “there” there Fail to respond to the questions in the RFA Application lacks consistent focus from problem identification through evaluation Identify alcohol & tobacco as main problems and discuss evaluation of reduction in prescription drug abuse Application lacks focus on environmental strategies and community-level change Focuses on individual strategies/programs

Who are Peer Reviewers? : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Who are Peer Reviewers? DFC grantees in Years 1-4 or 6-10 Go through training At MYTI/Forum Conference Calls Human elements to the process Do not make it hard for Reviewers to find information Lose the “fluff” Want to read your “story” Write application for one of your peers to read

Proving the Applicant Eligible : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Proving the Applicant Eligible The required attachments have a purpose Proof of statutory eligibility READ the Drug Free Communities Act LABEL attachments, so that eligibility screeners can easily find them In order, as requested Bold the title Number/Letter it (e.g., Attachment A) NUMBER the attachment pages even if you have to do it by hand

The 12 Sectors (examples of potential representatives) : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc The 12 Sectors (examples of potential representatives) Youth a person under 18 Parent mother/father/guardian/grandparent Business Chamber of Commerce/owner of local shop Media the outlet where the majority of the community gets information School Principal/Superintendent Youth-Serving Organization Boys & Girls Club

The 12 Sectors (con’t)(examples of potential representatives) : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc The 12 Sectors (con’t)(examples of potential representatives) Law Enforcement Chief of Police/Sheriff Religious/Fraternal Organizations Pastor/Rabbi/Imam/Masons Civic/Volunteer Groups Sertoma Club/Kiwanis Club Not just some random “volunteer” on the coalition Healthcare Professionals Doctor/Nurse/Dentist State/Local/Tribal Government SSA/State Prevention or Treatment Director Other Substance Abuse Organization Local prevention/treatment provider

Proving Sector Involvement : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Proving Sector Involvement Required sector chart Required supporting document must match or identify the person in the sector chart Required meeting minutes where members are listed by sector name Answers to questions regarding coalition capacity & membership development/involvement Evidence: sector chart & supporting documents *Youth sector = <18

Proving 6 Months of Existence for Coalition : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Proving 6 Months of Existence for Coalition 2 sets are required in specified timeframes At least 6 months before application due date Between application due date and the first set of minutes provided Must demonstrate that the meetings focused on substance abuse prevention Must be coalition’s minutes, not fiscal agent’s Must include a list of all attendees List by sector Include month, date and year Evidence: 2 sets of minutes in required specified timeframes

An Eligible Mission Statement : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc An Eligible Mission Statement Coalition must have as its principal mission the reduction of substance abuse, which at a minimum includes the use/abuse of drugs…with a primary focus on youth… Must be the coalition’s mission statement, not the fiscal agent’s Evidence: mission statement that includes youth substance abuse prevention

Multiple Drugs Address : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Multiple Drugs Address …developed a strategic plan to reduce substance abuse among youth, which targets multiple drugs of abuse Multiple = more than 1 Cannot be an “underage drinking” coalition that does not address other drugs & expect to be eligible for a DFC grant Evidence: Action Plan

Required 1:1 Match : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Required 1:1 Match Must show a dollar-for-dollar match from non-federal sources equaling amount of request from the Federal Government Cash (e.g., shared salary/benefit expenses for paid staff) In-kind/Donated (e.g., office/meeting space, paper, copying services, etc.) Do not overpromise match Got a million dollars? Prove it. Must account for every matched dollar to the Government Evidence: Budget & Budget Narrative *Coalitions with Native American representation that receives funds from the Bureau of Indian Affairs may use federal funds as match

DFC Match Requirements : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc DFC Match Requirements Funding Year & Match Requirement Years 1-6 = 100% Years 7-8 = 125% Years 9-10 = 150%

How Much Can I Ask For? : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc How Much Can I Ask For? No more than $125,000/year within all parts of the application Make sure ALL the numbers match Make sure they do not exceed $125,000 Evidence: 424, 424A and Budget

Neighboring Coalitions : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc Neighboring Coalitions 2 coalitions may not serve the same zip code unless both have clearly prescribed their plan for collaboration Go to the DFC website, www.ondcp.gov/dfc, and see if there is a coalition in a town near you Specify the zip codes each coalitions serves Explain the overlap of zip codes and WHY both coalitions are needed Evidence: letter/MOU from the neighboring coalition acknowledging collaboration

One DFC Grant at a Time : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc One DFC Grant at a Time Grantee = Entity awarded a grant Only one grant can be issued to a grantee at one time Evidence: SAMHSA screening & required Assurance attachment Coalition with 501c(3) status Outside Fiduciary Agent

10 Year Rule : 

www.ondcp.gov/dfc 10 Year Rule No coalition can receive DFC funding for more than 10 years Outside fiduciary agents cannot seek funding for the same coalition for more than 10 years Evidence: SAMHSA screening & Compliance Attachment

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www.ondcp.gov/dfc Questions? Jack Claypoole, DFC Administrator 202.395.6665 [email protected] Shannon Weatherly, Policy Analyst 202.395.6774 [email protected]