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Salesians of Don Bosco, a catholic congregation serving the Young for 150 years.


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Salesian Creed GC23,95

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We believe that God loves the young. This is the conviction which is at the origin of our vocation, and which motivates our life and all our pastoral activity.

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We believe that Jesus wants to share “his life” with young people: they are the hope of a new future, and in their expectations they bear the seeds of the Kingdom.

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We believe the Spirit is present in them and that through them he wants to build a more authentic and human christian community. He is already at work in individuals and groups. He has given them a prophetic task to carry out in the world which is also the world of all of us.

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We believe that God is awaiting us in the young to offer us the grace of meeting with him In this way our work of education becomes the preeminent context in which to meet him. and to dispose us to serve him in them, recognizing their dignity and educating them to the fullness of life.

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