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Building Wealth Through Wellness

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A Global Leader in E-commerce Network Marketing Welcome to AMEGA GLOBAL Amazing Presentation

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Are you Stressed in life right now?

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Do you want to enjoy good health and great wealth?

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Every minute of the day someone has a stroke Every four minutes a stroke victim dies Stress is the major cause of cancer, heart attack and strokes 2,700 people die each day from heart diseases 1,000 people are disabled each day from heart attacks Current Worldwide Health Facts

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Stressed  Low in energy  Fatigued Aches & Pains Why do we regularly feel …..

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STRESS Due to the complicated and demanding lifestyle and the environment we live in, we are constantly “under pressure” to perform our daily duties, tasks, and work. This “under pressure” is called Stress.

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Stress is the major cause of all diseases. Our mental and physical body is under constant stress due to both internal and external factors. STRESS

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External Stress E.M.F Radiation Pollution Chaotic Environment Artificial Environment Internal Stress Lack of Sleep / Exercises Poor or unhealthy Diet Lack of energy Internal Abuse smoking / alcohol Financial / relationship crisis Negative thoughts

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Which causes: Imbalances in our body Sickness & diseases Depression Huge Medical Bills which leads to:

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> The universe is made up of energy, all living matter is nothing but energy. Like all living matter, the human body is made up trillions of cells which have subtle energy known as bio-energy. > The human body has its own electro-magnetic vibrational field which continuously interacts with the environment. SCIENCE

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Every nerve in our body carries electric current. Our body’s information system depends entirely on bio energy. Without it there is no life, no health. SCIENCE

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Countering these ill-effects is Our technology… AMizedTM Fusion Technology Bio-Energetic Technology A resonance technology of the future!

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AMizedTM Fusion Technology AMizedTM Fusion Technology is a process to source Zero-point life force energy. Zero-point life force energy can be accessed and used to balance the flow of energy in the body and bring all aspects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) into harmony

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The energy received is channeled to the points where it is needed most and when administered over a period of time, it aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality. It applies the principle of quantum physics to source the natural life force energy our body needs to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate our body cells. AMizedTM Fusion Technology

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Combination of both ancient magnetic therapy and latest far-infrared technology Activates negative ions in our body, thus increasing blood circulation Repels positive ions emitted from the artificial environment from our body Aids body detoxification by eliminating waste Increases body metabolism and boosts energy level Balances our body Bio Energetic Technology

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Eliminates E smog effects Improves Immunity Sources Life Force Energy Aids Healing Process Cells Rejuvenated Reducing the Overall effects of Stress AMizedTM Fusion Technology

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OWNERSHIP Formed by a consortium of 3 companies With over 30 years of business, finance, manufacturing & people development experience

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London-UK Philippines Indonesia Delaware - USA Dubai-UAE Hong Kong Brunei India Qatar Australia Thailand Kenya Iran Sri Lanka Japan South Africa Taiwan Canada Egypt An E-commerce Wellness Company with Networks in 128 Countries and GROWING, with offices in 11 countries. Registered In Delaware - USA, Operating from regional HQ in Singapore Malaysia Columbia

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A Professional Management Team,Supported by more than 100 Executive Managers MANAGEMENT

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Own your own Business Earn Residual Income 2 3 4 Create Your ideal Lifestyle Providing A Global Opportunity Achieve Financial Independence 1 By helping others in both their Wellness and Wealth

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Leveraging on the 3 Biggest Trends The Wellness Industry is a Trillion dollar Industry

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The Amega System Own a product: As a privilege Customer / Distributor of the Amega Global Network, you can sign up and opt to have a self-replicated website with a Business Account (BA). Share the benefits: of the Amega products with your friends and associates and recommend them to purchase just like you. Help others purchase: and you as the Sponsor would be eligible for referral commission for your efforts. Earn residual income: When you and your associates continue, you may create another form of income for yourself and for others whom you have referred. It’s that simple!

Slide 24: Supported with integrated e-commerce system Personal Page Cyber Office

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Amega System comes with 6 Powerful Features: 6 Types of Affiliate Reward Programs Global Stockist System & Delivery Reserve Positions For Maximum Earnings Integrated On-line Management System Personalized Website Support system with Marketing Tools

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Amega Compensation Plan Creating a Multiple Streams of Income Wholesale / Retail Profit Sponsorship Bonus Team Binary Commissions Team Generation Bonus 6 Level Mega Matching Bonus Leadership Pool Sharing

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USD 100,000 Monthly Potential Earnings

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No Selling, Just Sharing Almost immediate Benefits - naturally Easy & Simple system to duplicate Global Opportunity and Distribution Advanced Universal Compensation Plan Stockist Scheme for Higher Growth Once in a Lifetime Opportunity !

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“Live Life the Amega Way”

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Where ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives and create extra-ordinary income

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Ambitious and aspiring individuals. Who believe profits are better than wages. Willing to start at least part-time. Willing to learn and grow. Who believe in themselves. This Business is only for those:

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With Amega ….. Enjoy Good Health Create Great Wealth Create a Residual income Help your loved ones from suffering Join a positive supportive growing environment Build your dreams by helping others

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If you can double your monthly income? If you can create an additional source of income? If you can be all that you want to be? If you can have all that you want to have? If you can do all that you want to do? Imagine: how you would feel? TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

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JOIN AMEGA…. NOW And live your dreams!!!

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