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SWEDEN TRADE vs India Trade and Business etiquettes


SWEDEN TRADE Shahil, Paritosh , Sparsh , Neerav , Rajnish

Introduction : 

Introduction Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula ,Northern Europe Stockholm is the capital Neighboring Countries Finland, Denmark, Norway ,Iceland , Russia and some CIS Countries A constitutional democracy with parliamentarian form of Govt GDP (PPP) of $338.5 billion , number 4 in the global competitiveness , Number 7 in HDI Population 9.02 mn Third largest country in European Union Part of EU since 1995 but uses currency as Swedish Krona 1 SEK= Rs 6.98 (Finance.yahoo.com)

Culture : 

Culture Highly Democratic People rated number 1 in survey of Democracy by The Economist They are keen listeners and like to listen more than speak Not encouraged to compete due to the egalitarianism in Sweden. They speak 4 languages apart from Swedish Danish , Norwegian, Icelandic and English Religion :- 87% Lutheran (Protestants) and 13% others

Social Ettiquets : 

Social Ettiquets

Eating Habits : 

Eating Habits

Gifting Etiquettes : 

Gifting Etiquettes

Receiving Gift : 

Receiving Gift

Business Ettiquetes : 

Business Ettiquetes Meeting and Greeting They are very reserved so be formal until they open up Firm handshake and Eye Contact Address your host with Professional titles with surname Dr Fern Mr xxx Mrs YYY they are ok if you call all ladies by Ms

Attire in a meeting : 

Attire in a meeting

Negotiation : 


Trade India - Sweden : 

Trade India - Sweden Total Exports $148 Bn 81681567 MT Total Imports $164 Bn 89858046 MT Total Export to India $1.77 Bn, 309972 MT Freight Total Import from India $673.5 MN 130956 MT Freight

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Top 5 exports to India of Sweden in Tones Top 5 Exports to India in terms of USD

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Top 5 Imports from India MT Top 5 Imports from India USD

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Sweden is majorly dependent on Motor Industry and Weapon in its exports The major raw material used is the Steel and Aluminum in these industries The ore for these metals are bauxite and iron ore which is available in abundance in India also India is exporting these to several countries Sweden imports large amount of bauxite/alumina and Iron ore but not from India ($ 888 Million 2008) No import duty its free trade economy so no hassles in exporting from India

India Bauxite and Iron Ore Reserves : 

India Bauxite and Iron Ore Reserves India is 3rd largest producer of Bauxite with reserves of 2,650 mn tons it is the cheapest in the world in terms of Cost per ton to acquire alumina ,USP. India is 5th largest producer of Iron ore with reserves of 13,400 Mn tons Export restrictions on aluminum ore and Iron Ore not there

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