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Vision Mapper : 

Vision Mapper A Powerful New Visionary Team Planning and Performance Tool e-Change presents..

The Need : 

The Need Visionary Team Planning is a proven tool that can help a team forge a strategic multi-year plan, while aligning the team and giving it direction. Yet implementing the strategy can be difficult and the large paper maps created during the process are cumbersome and typically not updated. There is a real need to improve implementation as well as move beyond paper formats.

The GOAL of Vision Mapper… : 

The GOAL of Vision Mapper… To go beyond paper Vision Maps and create an online visioning space that will not only display electronic maps but provide an integrated action database for implementation of the vision. ONE WEB SITE ALIGNS A GLOBAL ENTERPRISE

Slide 4: 

Main Features... 1. Establishes a company-wide Visionary Team Planning Web Site 2. Integrates onsite visioning sessions and online Vision Maps 3. Online Vision Map can be updated and added to. 4. Clicking on a Project Icon brings up an Action Database that assigns responsibility for implementing the vision.

Slide 5: 

Main Features, con’t 5. Open Space Page allows Leadership to view the progress of all teams in implementing their vision. 6. Vision Map and Vision Statement can be printed out and hung up. 7. First Effective Follow-up Technology Solution for Visionary Planning.

How Does It Work? : 

How Does It Work? Taking Visionary Team Planning to the Next Level

STEP #1: The First Onsite Visionary Planning Session : 

STEP #1: The First Onsite Visionary Planning Session Chrysalis Consulting, an e-Change partner, facilitates an onsite visionary planning session with the first team. Dr. Ben Neiman is the CEO of Chrysalis and has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies including Warner Music Group and Raytheon, who are now both using Vision Mapper software. Dr. Ben Neiman

STEP #2: The Team Aligns and Creates a Paper Vision Map : 

STEP #2: The Team Aligns and Creates a Paper Vision Map The Team has come together created the paper Vision Map and is feeling great!

STEP #3: The Original Paper Vision Map Goes Online ! : 

STEP #3: The Original Paper Vision Map Goes Online ! Log in past the Vision Mapper Firewall...

Slide 10: 

The “Map Maker” puts the Vision Map online...

Slide 11: 

STEP #4: The Champions Enter Actions After clicking on the blue Action Steps link on the Edit Map page, the Champion for each project enters the needed Actions. Due dates, persons responsible, budgets and actual completion dates -- as well as comments -- may be entered.

Slide 12: 

STEP #5: The Team Views the Map

Slide 13: 

STEP #6: All Can View Trend-Tracker Allowing all to see what Actions are Overdue, Current, etc.

Slide 14: 

STEP #7: Click on a Project Icon for a Progress Report Comments may be added by all for each Action Step...

Slide 15: 

STEP #8: Roll-Out Vision Mapper to the Workforce Via any of the following forums: 1. Chrysalis trainings 2. “Town Meetings” 3. Dedicated series of rollout meetings 4. E-mail Letter 5. Company newsletters

Slide 16: 

STEP #9: Managers and Leaders Review the Team Maps By using a “Captain” password, leaders and managers can access all the team maps and reports and make comments to any of the Action Steps. This is the quickest way to see the entire organization or department in an “Open Space”. Leaders may question the assumptions behind Action Steps in the Progress Report comment field. A NEW WAY TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE ONLINE

Slide 17: 

Why Vision Mapper? Vision Mapper is the first online Mapping program--and it’s Enterprise Software using the intranet. Vision Mapper allows authorized users to edit or see maps anywhere in the world. Vision Mapper tracks team progress through the Action Step database. Overdue Actions are flagged. Vision Mapper allows leadership to view all online maps and comment on progress and assumptions. e-Change “The Future of Change”

Slide 18: 

For More Information & Online Tour e-Change Michael Schacker 877 835-9681 [email protected]