Election Day 2008

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Election Day 2008!!!:

Election Day 2008!!!

Today Americans Will Elect a New President Who will it be??? :

Today Americans Will Elect a New President Who will it be??? Republican John McCain Democrat Barack Obama

Let’s Look at the Election Process:

Let’s Look at the Election Process Elections for Kids

Key Terms to Know:

Key Terms to Know Candidate —someone running for an office Political Party —There are two major political parties in our country: Republican and Democrat Electoral College —The system our country uses to elect a president; a candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win

Electoral College:

Electoral College

More Terms to Know…:

More Terms to Know… Exit Polls —Asking people who they voted for after they leave the polls to predict who won before the results are counted Concede —When a candidate concedes, he accepts that he lost the election and congratulates his opponent

What is Your Election IQ?:

What is Your Election IQ? How old must you be to vote? 18 What do you have to do in order to vote? Register to vote What are the two political parties? Republican and Democrat

PowerPoint Presentation:

Who is the Democrat running for President? Barack Obama Who is the Republican running for President? John McCain Who are the 2 Vice-Presidential Candidates? Sarah Palin (R) and Joe Biden (D)

PowerPoint Presentation:

How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win? 270 What is an exit poll? Asking people who they voted for after they voted to predict who won



Your Ballot:

Your Ballot Please vote for the presidential candidate of your choice by circling the picture: Republican: John McCain, President Sarah Palin, Vice-President Democrat: Barack Obama, President Joseph Biden, Vice-President