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Skin, Wounds and NutritionPart 1 : 

Skin, Wounds and NutritionPart 1

Skin Facts : 

Skin Facts Largest body organ pH 4.2 – 5.6 Normal flora Texture

Function of Skin : 

Function of Skin Protection Thermoregulation Sensation

Risk Factors for Impaired Healing : 

Risk Factors for Impaired Healing Advanced age Cognitive impairment/altered sensory perception Diabetes Inadequate perfusion/ oxygenation/circulation Impaired immunity Incontinence/moisture Infection Medications Malnutrition Obesity Preoperative illnesses/co-morbidities Underweight

Wound Healing : 

Wound Healing Anti-inflammatory agents Lathyrogens Age Nutrition Wound coverage Chemotherapy

Wound Healing : 

Wound Healing Infection Surgical technique Environmental temperature Denervation Radiation therapy Diabetes mellitus

Five Major Components in the Healing Process : 

Five Major Components in the Healing Process Inflammation Cellular proliferation Connective tissue formation Wound contraction Wound remodeling

Components Inter-Related : 

Components Inter-Related Dependent on: Adequate energy for cell proliferation, cell movement, and protein synthesis Adequate protein, amino acids, and peptides for protein synthesis Adequate micronutrients for metabolic activity Adequate anabolic stimuli, in the form of growth factors and anabolic hormones

Wound Assessment : 

Wound Assessment Location, size Color, odor, texture Exudate Undermining

Wound Assessment : 

Wound Assessment Eschar Granulation Wound margins Time in existence / treatment

Venous Ulcers : 

Venous Ulcers Characteristics Medial lower leg and ankle Hyperpigmentation Superficial Exudate

Venous Ulcers : 

Venous Ulcers Goal Increase venous return Decrease venous stasis / edema Wound environment Appropriate compression Treat perforators

Arterial Ulcers : 

Arterial Ulcers Characteristics Anywhere on leg/foot/toes Painful Dry eschar Punched out Skin shiny/light No pulses

Arterial Ulcers : 

Arterial Ulcers Goal Improve vascularity Protect Moisten Debride gently

Yeasts and Fistulas : 

Yeasts and Fistulas Are an entirely different look

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