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Empower your audiences to share your content, offers or information with their friends and colleagues. Track and measure the impact of viral marketing for your business. Self-service, Online Viral Marketing Campaign Tool

Use JumpReach To… : 

Use JumpReach To… Organically grow e-mail contact lists Increase newsletter subscriptions Promote products, services and events Raise awareness for political issues, news or announcements Attract more volunteers Raise donations

How JumpReach Works : 

Here’s how EyeTraffic Media used JumpReach to increase attendance at a recent webinar… How JumpReach Works The sharing process starts with a “Share Button” or “Share Link” that can be placed in email messages and/or on web pages. Referrers click on the link to share information with their friends.

JumpReach Share Page : 

After clicking on the Share Link, the referrer is taken to the JumpReach Share Page, a branded landing page with your offer message. JumpReach Share Page JumpReach enables you to customize your landing page header, footer and offer text. Unlike typical “forward-to-a-friend” tools, JumpReach allows unlimited sharing. Referrers can type in the names of their friends or use the Contact Importer.

JumpReach Contact Importer : 

JumpReach Contact Importer Referrers can easily select friends from their email or social media accounts using JumpReach’s Contact Importer. [email protected] ******* AfB798

Referrer Contact Info Page : 

Referrer Contact Info Page Referrers enter their own contact information so that their invitation is personalized.

Recipient Invite E-mail : 

Recipient Invite E-mail Recipients receive your branded message from their friend.

JumpReach Client Center : 

JumpReach Client Center Setting up your viral marketing campaign is easy in the JumpReach Client Center. Customize the campaign header and footer, offer message and invitation email. Once your campaign is running, track results by viewing referral reports.

JumpReach Referral Report : 

JumpReach Referral Report Consumer E-mail: the person who signed up to share your offering Number of Referrals: total number of people referred by the consumer Number of Accepts: number of people who have accepted invite (clicked link in invite e-mail) Total Referrals: number of referrals plus the number of referrals sent by their friends

Get Started Today! : 

Get Started Today! $99 per month Pay online with a credit card, billed monthly Turn your campaign on or off at any time Change or update your campaign at any time