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Control of Bacteriophages contamination : 

Control of Bacteriophages contamination

Bacteriophages : 

Bacteriophages From ‘bacteria' and Greek word phagein, 'to eat'),commonly used in its shortened form, phage. Estimated to be the most widely distributed and diverseentities in the biosphere. Phages are ubiquitous and can be found in all reservoirspopulated by bacterial hosts, e.g., soil or animal intestine.

Effects of bacteriophages on the environment : 

Effects of bacteriophages on the environment They can be Beneficial Detrimental

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Population of E. coli being wiped out by T4 bacteriophage.

Bacteriophages contamination in laboratory : 

Bacteriophages contamination in laboratory Cultivation of bacteria Biological essays

As lytic phage propagate, bacteria are destroyed : 

As lytic phage propagate, bacteria are destroyed

Bacteriophages Contamination in industry : 

Bacteriophages Contamination in industry

How to control : 

How to control Generally, prevention strategies (like good laboratory/factory hygiene, sterilisation, decontamination and disinfection) are necessary to avoid bacteriophage contamination. The use of immunized or resistant bacterial strains against specific phages may be helpful, but properties of the genetically modified strains resistant to phages are often worse