Top 15 Monster Hunter Monsters

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Top 15 Monster Hunter Monsters : 

Top 15 Monster Hunter Monsters Mine anyway

Gold Rathian : 

Gold Rathian Rathian is cool, but a golden one?! That’s genius!

Rajang : 

Rajang A monkey with a bad additude!

Chameleos : 

Chameleos Invisible, stretchy tongue, and a cool tail!

Plesioth : 

Plesioth Perhaps most dangerous piscine but still cool!

Tigrex : 

Tigrex The main monster in Monster Hunters Freedom 2. Probably the weirdest wyvern.

Cephadrome : 

Cephadrome The coolest piscine with his shovel head. It could pwn a gravios with its pack probably.

Naruga Karuga : 

Naruga Karuga What can I say, fur and scales, yet similar to Tigrex.(I call it Karugrex)

Ucamulbus : 

Ucamulbus The icy Akantor, and probably in the top 5 strongest monsters.

Fatalis : 

Fatalis Take its name: Fatal-is

Kushala Daora : 

Kushala Daora An elder dragon shaped like a small fatalis

We are down to the last five : 

We are down to the last five Who will make it??

Mosswine : 

Mosswine Weak but it can be helpful

Lao Shan Lung : 

Lao Shan Lung Just look at its size

White Fatalis : 

White Fatalis Known as the number 1 best fight.

Black Gravios : 

Black Gravios A rocky wyvern that eats rocks, but yet stronger than a regular one.

Now for number one : 

Now for number one BOW DOWN TO….


AKANTOR The strongest wyvern in MHF2 and also a giant Tigrex(sort of).

Credits to : 

Credits to Me The sites I took these pics from And Youtube

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