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Proposal Presentation for Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe

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Who are we and what do we have to offer you?

Performance Problems : 

Performance Problems “What is wrong, and how do we fix it?”

What is wrong? : 

What is wrong? Material costs differ from historical averages High turnover in typically stable positions Higher guest complaints about incorrect sandwich orders Sandwich makers’ frustration for not meeting guest needs

How do we fix it? : 

How do we fix it?

Training Solutions : 

Training Solutions “What kind of training will improve your performance?”

Training Goals : 

Training Goals Decrease cost in running the four stores in question Increase customer satisfaction at the four stores in question Decrease the high level of sandwich maker turnover

Two-phased approach : 

Two-phased approach

Terminal Objectives : 

Terminal Objectives Upon completion of the training, sandwich makers will be able to: Use customer service skills to effectively interact with customers. Interpret customer requests and identify how to meet their needs. Input customer orders into the computer with at least 95% accuracy. Complete sandwich-making orders with at least 95% accuracy.

How will the training be implemented and in what timeframe? : 

How will the training be implemented and in what timeframe? Project Implementation and Timeline

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How will the training be implemented? 10-step design process Targeting 4 new stores, food preparation members and store managers Training sessions of 3-6 sandwich makers per store/per shift 2-phase training: instructor-led training followed by performance support Analyze Design Evaluate Implement Develop

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In what timeframe will the training be implemented? March 4-May 30 (79-day period) Scope and organize the project: 4 days Gather information: 5 days Develop blueprint: 13 days Create draft materials: 19 days Test draft materials: 7 days

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Produce the masters: 12 days Reproduce: 6 days Distribute materials and deliver training:7 days Evaluate: 6 days Implementation Timeframe-Continued

Budget : 

Budget What is your projected cost for investing in our training program?

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Cost of Deliverables

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$32,394.00 Total Project Cost Personnel $14,130.00 Production $14,225.00 Miscellaneous $3539.00 Reproduction $500.00

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What are the benefits of HSVW’s training program? Time, cost & resource efficient Hands-on, real-world learning Motivational & relevant for employees partake in Provides prompt feedback to guide learners Facilitates both knowledge and skill development Promotes a healthy, cooperative environment

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HSVW Consulting, LLC. 1234 Main Street Tallahassee, Florida 32304 786-555-5555

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