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2/108 Unit 1 (NEXT)

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3/108 Word Processing Unit 1 (cont.)

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4/108 To open MS.Word you need to click on START Nút b?t d?u start

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5/108 This is screen Microsoft Word Horizontal scroll Bar Title Bar Status bar Drawing Toolbar Menu Bar Standard Toolbar Formatting Toolbar Edit area Verticle Ruler Verticle scroll Bar Horizontal Ruler

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6/108 This is screen Microsoft Word Horizontal scroll Bar Title Bar Status bar Drawing Toolbar Menu Bar Standard Toolbar Formatting Toolbar Edit area Verticle Ruler Verticle scroll Bar Horizontal Ruler

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7/108 Add or Remove Toolbars Click View ? click Toolbars ? Drawing

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8/108 Create a blank document: Click File ? New or button Ctrl + N

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9/108 To start writing a letter you must click on the highlighted area and type VanLang University and press Enter.

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10/108 To stop working, need to store it in a hard disk. The process of storing the document is called saving Click on the Save button

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11/108 Example : save a document as a web page. To save click on File / Save As: Save as type choose WebPage

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12/108 Example : save a document as a web page. To save click on File / Save As: Save as type choose WebPage

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13/108 Ð? thay d?i Folder m?c d?nh Click mouse vào Tools / Options / File Locations - Click Modify button. Folder du?c hi?n th? trong h?p tho?i Open ho?c Save.

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14/108 Closing a document - Click Close button

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15/108 To open a document

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16/108 Open 1 or more documents Click on documents ?click on Open

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17/108 Di chuy?n qua l?i gi?a các document Click mouse vào document c?n ch?n Or hot key Alt+Tab

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18/108 Khi document du?c open có th? insert, add b?t k? ký t?, do?n van hay hình ?nh . . . C?n d?t cursor t?i v? trí c?n insert

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19/108 Press Insert button to change to Overwrite mode

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20/108 Undo icon : h?y thao tác v?a làm Redo icon : làm l?i thao tác v?a làm VanLang University

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21/108 Mu?n xóa c?m t? (word), câu (sentence) hay do?n (paragraph), d?u tiên ph?i ch?n c?m t?, câu hay do?n c?n xóa, sau dó press Delete. Có nhi?u cách ch?n kh?i (block): Click mouse d?u kh?i_drag mouse d?n v? tri´ cu?i kh?i Double click d? ch?n word Triple click d? ch?n paragraph

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22/108 Word has an advance editing feature. Below is the cut and paste tool that will allow you to move one paragraph to a new location.

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23/108 Need to highlight the paragraph Then click on the Copy icon

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24/108 After the selecting the Paste icon

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25/108 COLUMNS Click on Format ? Columns: click Two ? OK

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26/108 COLUMNS Click on Format ? Columns: click Two ? OK

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27/108 DROP CAP Click on Format ? Drop Cap: Click Dropped ? OK

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28/108 DROP CAP Click on Format ? Drop Cap: Click Dropped ? OK

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29/108 WORDART Click Insert ? Picture ? WordArt: Click any Shape ? OK

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30/108 To change Line, Fill, Color . . Click on Format WordArt

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32/108 Use Zoom Icon to view the document

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33/108 Or Print Preview icon to view the document is ready for printing

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34/108 Click on File Menu Proceed o Page Setup Adjust Margins, Paper, Layouts accordingly Then Click on Printer Icon Specify the number of copies/even select the pages Made in size, margin or page orientation

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35/108 Find Tool This tool allows you to search for characters, numbers, words and phrases. Click Find Click Edit (on Menu Bar) Type the word you require to replace Click Find Next The word is replaced throughout the document

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37/108 Replace Tool Type the original word in the Find What column Type the replacement word in the Replace with column Click Replace All Click Close Go to Find and Replace under the Find Tool Microsoft Word will confirm the replaced word throughout document To replace a word throughout the document to avoid a couple of occurrences.

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39/108 Proof Read To check spelling and grammar: Click on this icon on Microsoft Word The Spelling and Grammar box will appear with the sentence which needs a Change in the word used Microsoft Word will confirm that spelling and grammar is complete Click on Change and he word will be replaced Or Click Tools ? Options ? Spelling and Grammar

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40/108 Can locate the template according to the format you need : Click on File Click on New A new pane appears on your right and click on My Computer Templates with different formats will appear Click on other documents (elegant documents) The format on resume will appear(All text can be added, deleted and modified) Template

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43/108 Unit 2

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44/108 Formatting Word Documents Simple Text Formatting - To change, text and color Enhancing Text Layout - By using lists and borders Modifying Text Layout - Change layout of text, format options such as Alignment, Indent and tabs.

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45/108 Formatting Options in Word To change the style, size and color Word has options.

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46/108 Formatting Other Text To Format Painter Tool

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47/108 Layout using Bullets, Numbers and Borders Choose to have a layout using bullets or numbers. The step you have to to take to change to bullet form presentation.

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48/108 Click Bullets icon that changes the presentation. Example:

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49/108 Or Click Format? Click Bullets and Numbering? Click Bullets or Numbered

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50/108 To view the Formatting marks, click Option from the Tool Menu. Formatting Marks

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51/108 To Create Border : Click on Format Click on borders and Shading Click on Shadow (under setting) Click on ½ pt (under Width) Click on 3pt Click OK Borders

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52/108 Borders

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53/108 Enhancing the layout of a document Nâng cao viê?c bô´ tri´ trong van ba?n To can vary the spacing and position text in a document, click icons :

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54/108 Enhancing the layout of a document

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55/108 Using Hyphen Tool (Dùng công c? tách t?) The Hyphen tool is used to split the word. To use, you need to do the following step: Tool Language Hyphenation Choose Automatic Hyphenation

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56/108 Changing Alignment of Text Positioned There are 4 types of tab stops Left Right Central Decimal

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57/108 Indentation Tool Công c? diê`u chi?nh mô?t doa?n van vê` bên pha?i hay bên tra´i va?ch lê`

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58/108 Three Markers

Slide 59: 

59/108 First Line Indent

Slide 60: 

60/108 Hanging Indent

Slide 61: 

61/108 Left Indent

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62/108 Tab Key The Tab Key moves the mouse cursor and the following text to a new position called tab stop.

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63/108 Guide to use the Tab Key Click on Format Tool Click on Tab Set the inches under the default tab stops Click on Tab key Click Ok

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64/108 To Create decimal tab stop Click on Format Click on Tab Type number into tab stop position text box Click on decimal option Click OK Press the tab key once to move the number to the tab stop position To Remove Tab Stops Click on Format Click on Tab Click on the box below the tab stop position Click on clear Click on OK

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65/108 Modifying space between lines in a paragraph of a Text (Thay d?i kho?ng cách gi?a các dòng trong do?n) To modify space between lines in a paragraph: Click on Format -> click on Paragraph -> Line spacing box -> click on double and click OK.

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66/108 To add space before and after the selected paragraph Click on Format Click on Paragraph Proceed to the Spacing box and click on the arrow up to add space before paragraph Proceed to the spacing box and click on arrow up to add space after paragraph Click OK

Slide 67: 

67/108 Page Numbers Ch?c nang này r?t h?u ích cho phép chèn các ch? s? trang t? d?ng. Khi add hay delete thì các ch? s? trang ? trên d?u hay cu?i trang s? thay d?i theo. T? menu Insert ? ch?n Page Numbers.

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68/108 Header and Footer T?o tiêu d? ? d?u trang (header) và cu?i trang (footer): View? Header and Footer

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69/108 Header and Footer

Slide 70: 

70/108 Header and Footer

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71/108 Ví d? nhu chèn tên tác gi?, ch? s? trang và ngày vào Header and Footer: Ch?n Header and Footer ? C?n d?t cursor vào Footer ? ch?n Insert AutoText ? ch?n Author, Page#, Date.

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74/108 Unit 3

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75/108 To Create, Modify and Format Tables To create tables, the diagram below will explain what a row, column and cell is.

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76/108 Steps to create Tables Click on Table Click on Insert Click on Table Enter the number into the column box Click on tab Enter the number into the rows box Click ok

Slide 77: 

77/108 In this screen view the meaning to insert and delete rows and columns anywhere in a table.

Slide 78: 

78/108 The following steps insert a Row to a table: First - click on Table ? click on Insert. Then - click on Rows Below .

Slide 79: 

79/108 To delete duplicate entries To delete rows or columns, need to Click in the row or column, then delete. Steps to Delete Rows and Columns To delete rows, columns the following steps: Click on Table Go to Delete Click on Rows

Slide 80: 

80/108 Steps to enhance table Clicking on Table ?click on Table AutoFormat ?click on Table Colorful 2 ? Apply. Enhancing tables with colors and borders Trang trí B?ng v?i các màu s?c và khung

Slide 81: 

81/108 Steps on Specific Color Setting of a Cell within a Table Fill color in cells, rows and column of a table: Format Borders & Shading Shading Fill (Specify Color) Click on OK

Slide 82: 

82/108 Steps to Enhance Borders: Use Borders and Shading dialog box Click on the width box and enter the pt needed Click on OK Format Borders & Shading

Slide 83: 

83/108 Adding Pictures and Graphs in Word Document Inserting and moving objects Adding AutoShape Insert symbols, image, chat, graphs and spreadsheet Can get from an image file stored on you computer hard drive, floppy disk or Clip Gallery.

Slide 84: 

84/108 Steps to insert an image of a computer network from a hard drive into a document Click on Insert Click on Picture Click from file Under my picture click on net.bmp Click on insert

Slide 85: 

85/108 Steps to insert an image from Clip Gallery Click on Insert Click on Picture Click on Clip Art Enter (word) in Search text Click on Search Click on Category

Slide 86: 

86/108 To import objects from other applications To copy and paste charts and graphs into Word documents: Step 1 – Open spreadsheet in Excel, click on selected object ?click on Copy.

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Slide 88: 

88/108 Symbol Dialog Box - Click on Insert menu ? Symbol - Click on insert once you have chosen the required symbol.

Slide 89: 

89/108 Inserting Content into Document you can insert content into Word as graphical objects (d?i tu?ng d? h?a) Click on Insert Click on Object To insert an existing file click on create from file To search for file to insert click on browse To import the Consultants.xls spreadsheet to Word click on Consultants.xls Click on Insert and Click OK to confirm file

Slide 90: 

90/108 90 To add AutoShape to document Thêm AutoShape vào tài li?u By using the drawing toolbars

Slide 91: 

91/108 Steps to add autoshapes to a Word Document Các bu?c thêm Autoshapes vào trong tài li?u Word Ví d? nhu mu?n v? m?t cu?i (smiley face) t? AutoShapes: Click on Autoshapes Go to Basic Shapes Click on Smiley Face Click on create your drawing here Smiley face added

Slide 92: 

92/108 Adding color and borders to autoshapes Thêm màu s?c và khung cho Autoshapes Can add color and borders by using fill color and line color on the drawing toolbar.

Slide 93: 

93/108 To move an object in a document - To drag just click on the red box and drag it over. - You can copy and paste all images and pictures by using the copy and paste icon. Images too.

Slide 94: 

94/108 Resizing an object in a document Ð? l?y l?i ho?c thay d?i kích c? c?a Object c?n drag móc ch?nh c? (Sizing Handle)

Slide 95: 


Slide 96: 


Slide 97: 

97/108 Equation

Slide 98: 

98/108 Equation

Slide 99: 

99/108 Equation Click Tools \ Customize: ch?n tab Commands: Categories: Insert Commands: Click và drag Equation Editor th? lên thanh công c?.

Slide 100: 

100/108 Equation

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101/108 BA´T TAY THU?C HA`NH

Slide 102: 

102/108 Mail Merge To mail merge need : data source and main document Use the 3 step mail merge tool below : Creating the main document Creating data source Merging the documents

Slide 103: 

103/108 To create a main document Click Tools Go to Letters and Mailing Click mail merge wizard Document type: Click Next:starting Document Click next:Select recipients

Slide 104: 

104/108 Process of creating a Mailing List and Saving the file Create the letter and create the data source using the Mail Merge Wizard. Click on Type a new list Click on create Customize Delete (the field you don’t require) Click yes and then click OK Enter first name Click Close Enter File Name Click on Save Click OK

Slide 105: 

105/108 Merging a mail document Step 1 – Insert the fields from the data source to the main document Step 2 – Insert the fields from the data source invitation list into the letter Mail.doc

Slide 106: 

106/108 To create merged document Click on Merge to New Document Select All (by default) Click Ok

Slide 107: 

107/108 CA?M ON LA´NG NGHE

Slide 108: 

108/108 BA´T TAY THU?C HA`NH

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