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Distribution of Exercise in Adults in the Hamilton Region Sedentary – Daily living activities only. Low Active - Daily living activities and light activities such as slow walking, water aerobics, house chores, gardening, or light stretching about three times a week. Active - Daily living activities and moderate activities such as swimming, tennis, bicycling, weight lifting or cardio training, 3-5 times a week. Very Active - Daily living activities and intensive athletic training or sports such as soccer, basketball, football, competitive swimming, or physical labor jobs, 5-7 times a week.

Why is Cardiovascular Fitness Important? : 

Why is Cardiovascular Fitness Important? Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood. It also is the ability of the heart to transport the blood to the rest of the body. Cardiovascular fitness is important because it is what allows us to live healthy and happy lives. Some benefits of increasing one's cardiovascular fitness is lower blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and stress all which are major contributors to many diseases and cancers.

Number of People with Heart Disease in Different Activity Levels in Hamilton, in 2008 : 

Number of People with Heart Disease in Different Activity Levels in Hamilton, in 2008

Cardiovascular Training Transformations : 

Cardiovascular Training Transformations

What Needs to be Done? : 

What Needs to be Done? Heart disease reduces an individuals quality of life The rates of heart disease continue to increase. This must be stopped in order to limit the strain on the healthcare system People must take their health seriously and realize fitness is the answer The risk of heart disease can be reduced through cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition Knowledge is power! By giving people the knowledge, they can make better choices and change their lifestyle

The Mission : 

The Mission Feel the Beat wants to provide individuals with the knowledge so that they can begin to make smart choices as well as begin a cardiovascular training program. Cardio has shown to reduce many types of heart disease as well as cancer and diabetes. Additionally, we want people to feel good about themselves as a good self-esteem raises the quality of living and has shown to increase motivation and one’s life span. We believe that everyone can exercise in some way, and the benefits will last a life time!

Screenshot of the Website : 

Screenshot of the Website Features of the site include: Built-in Chat Online Staff to Answer Questions Videos Downloadable Exercise Charts Forums Scientific Articles Celebrity Athletes Web Conferences Podcast Health Info

References : 

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