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Do you Invest / Trade in Stock Market ? 1. Do you invest in stocks? Yes / No. 2. Do you invest in Commodities, Currencies, Bonds? Yes / No. If your 1st answer is ‘Yes’ & second is ‘No’, Then you are perhaps attempting to drive a Car in the first Gear only. & in that case your journey, (to the wealth creation), can never be smooth.

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Have a look at the investment Portfolios of world’s most successful Investors like Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, George Soros, Peter Lynch, Jesse Livemore, Michael Bloomberg etc. They never depended on one investment class. Their investments range from Stocks & Commodities to Currencies & Bonds. Common investors / traders solely depend upon stock market. They never think beyond that. Some people go one step ahead & deal in commodities besides stocks. People simply ignore the world’s most liquid & lucrative market, the Currency or Forex Market. Through this presentation we attempt to bring you one step closer to the Forex Market. Jesse Livemore Peter Lynch George Soros Benjamin graham Warren Buffet

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Forex Market : Some Competitive Advantages… World Largest, Fastest Growing & most liquid Market (Daily Turnover exceeding US$ 3 Trillion). 24 Hours Trading : Flexibility to work as per your leisure. Also, no fear of Big gap up / gap down on market opening. High Leverage (upto 200 times leveraging i.e. 0.5% Margin). Highest profitability if you trade well. (Nevertheless, due to high leverage there can be massive losses if you don’t trade cautiously) No Brokerage: Commission free Trading (Spread Trade) 5. Less volatility as compared to stocks. 6. And Above all World’s most advanced trading platform : Meta trader 4 In the next few slides have a look at the advantages of Meta trader 4 software.

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Meta trader 4 Trading Platform

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Meta trader 4 Trading Platform Best online Charts with Complete Technical Indicators & Buy sell alerts. All period Live charts available like; 1 Minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 Min, 1 Hr, 4 Hr, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month. Orders can be placed directly from the charts. One can buy & sell not only Currencies & Commodities but also CFDs on International Stocks & major indices like DIJA, Nasdaq, Nikkie, Nifty etc.

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Meta trader 4 Trading Platform Types of Orders: Good Till Date, Good Till Cancellation Orders available. Auto- trailing Stop-loss. i.e. stop-loss automatically starts moving up when your trade goes in profit. Auto-Trading: Automated trading facility is available. You simply choose the expert advisor and enable auto trading. Trading takes place round the clock, whenever, your selected conditions are met. Buy Stop / Sell Stop orders can be placed, so that you can enjoy the profits from sudden breakouts.

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Meta trader 4 Trading Platform 100 to 200 times leveraging: One can start trading on a very low investment e.g. US$ 1000 or Indian Rupees 50,000 only. Profitability is very high if one trades alertly & patiently. Suppose you buy EUR-USD currency pair @ 1.3252 & sell it @ 1.3262 (i.e. just 10 pips movement) You get profit of US$ 100. Suppose if you buy Gold @ US$ 910 & sell it @ 911 (i.e. just 1 Dollar movement) you get a profit of 100 Dollars. High Leveraging can also cause high losses, so we recommend to trade in smaller lots or fractional lots like 0.1 Lot, 0.5 Lot etc. And also follow money management & use stop-losses strictly…

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Meta trader 4 Trading Platform Mobile Trading: Trading is possible directly from your windows enabled mobile phone or PDA. Live charts with Technical Indicators, order placement, history, trade alerts everything is available in the mobile trading software. So no need to carry your laptop every here & there. Trade whenever you see a good opportunity. This is really a revolutionary technology that’s going to change the way trading in financial products is done.

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For More Information, Live Demo & Free Training on Forex Trading, Please feel free to contact: TL Investments 7, Venkatesh Apartment, Near Madhoor Sweets, Opp. Navrachna School, Savarkar Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik – 422013 Email: [email protected] Cell Nos: 9921521599 , 9665839931 , 9890099439

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