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Overseas Student Life : 

Overseas Student Life Ravinder Singh Image adapted from - Prepared by -

Advantages : 

Advantages Exposure to international life standard. Become self-dependent. Exchange of culture More fluent in international language (that is English). More job opportunities. Meet new friends. reference - Graphic adapted from - /image /registering_ providers_ for_ courses_ for_ overseas_ students .jpg

Disadvantages : 

Disadvantages Alone in foreign country. Cost of living and study is are quite expensive. Lot of work burden. Misses parents support and help. sources – FOR PICTURE /Q/ FOR TEXT

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Give your 100% for getting success and making parents dreams in truth. Always avoid drugs and specially the criminal activities. Graphics from -

Annotated Bibliography : 

Annotated Bibliography Text material is picked from : www. Wiki .answers. com /Q/ because in these the ideas of different students is mentioned which fulfilled mine requirement for the topic. Graphics are adapted from : because it clears the situation which I want to explain.

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