God Bless Canada


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By: vera13ca (155 month(s) ago)

This is absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

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Lest we forget! : 

Lest we forget!

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People await the arrival of the plane transporting the bodies of Canadian soldiers

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Arrival of the plane

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Arrival of a first soldier

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Departure of the procession from the military base in Trenton towards Toronto

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Notice the number of Citizens wearing Red T-Shirts

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All along the course, the firemen with their hands on their hearts greet the procession

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Police officers salute the passage of the soldiers who died in the line of duty

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Between Trenton and Toronto, there are 50 bridges, all are occupied by police officers, ambulance men, firemen and especially, ordinary people

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The population moves to greet these heroes

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The Citizens of Oshawa pack the over passes in Salute to the Heroes!

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A Honour Guard of Durham Regional Police Salute Canada’s Heroes

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A contingent of Ajax Fire & Emergency Services and local population Salute the Heroes

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Capt. Mark Bossi, who served in Afghanistan, fought back tears as he rode along.

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As the evening shadows grow, the people mass to pay homage to our Heroes

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Downtown Toronto, nearing the offices of the Chief Coroner of Ontario

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A final Salute, given by the Members of the Toronto Fire Dept.