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1 Cloud Computing

Computing Evolution : 

2 Computing Evolution Now 40’s 70’s 80’s Mobility explosion Collaboration High level of interconexion between users Web platform growing Pressure over companies data centre.

Why : 

3 Why Contrary to last “big innovations”, cloud computing didn’t sprout from a young genius from Silicon valley. “is the logical result from the last 30 years in computation. In certain way, is a return to past, time sharing taken to the maximum”. Just 6% of currently installed servers capacity is used 30% aren’t used but weren’t unplugged from the network. Definition It combines a lot of concepts from latter years in computing: a huge number of multicore PCs and servers (both physical or virtual) running together trough broadband networks.. Why Amazon was pioneer: they have a critical mass in Christmas, but during the rest of the year, they have the infrastructure available and developed a lot of technology so support their business.

How we see it : 

4 How we see it The subject is still blur, and opinion of experts and executives from customers and suppliers are diverse: Definitive Will kill another ways of computing Will be the computing itself Another fade Just a name for “Network virtualization” Hot issue in crisis scenario: costs cuting new opportunities flexibility Off shoring: BRIC Develop this box. Will it remain? Costs Business opportunity Facilitator for new business

What led to actual phase : 

5 What led to actual phase Terms related to Cloud Computing Virtualization SOA REST Widget mash up Grid computing: Hw resources sharing Web 2.0 Internet service Bus Saas Iaas Paas

Players : 

6 Players Software on demand Grid computing: massive processing Elastic computer: By 2012, the global market for cloud computing will be $95 billion Merryll Linch

You can take it with you : 

7 You can take it with you Are gadgets important? As wireless technology gets better and cheaper, more and more different kinds of objects will connect directly to the cloud.

Numbers : 

8 Numbers 80% fortune companies 1000 will pay to use cloud computing services and 30% will pay for infrastructure. Gartner 33% of IT business will be in Cloud Computing Gartner Market : 42 billon IDC 95 billion Merryl Linch Numbers around CC are always impressive: 8 2011 2012 At this moment, the 5 major search engines together have 2.000.000 computers 2009 Microsoft data centre in Chicago: 610.000 servers

They have already used cloud… : 

9 They have already used cloud… Powerset: a start-up that is creating a natural language powerful search. When they need to catalogue the web, they buy cloud services. New York times: to create 11.000 pdfs, they needed to subcontract cloud services Schumacher Group (emergency rooms for hospitals): almost affected by Katrina hurricane, they was growing quickly but was having problems to create regional offices to support it. Running some systems remotely was the answer. Starbucks: using Salesforce CRM to create the new idea website as a online community. US Olympic Committee: using AT&T service to handle a busy traffic during the games SOGETI: The consultancy company owned by Cap Gemini contracted cloud services from IBM Blue Cloud to a whole-company brainstorming program.

What is already available : 

10 What is already available Email (Yahoo, Gmail, etc) Human resources CRM ( Office Applications Backup Storage

Cloud PROs : 

11 Cloud PROs Customer Supplier Flexibility: new needs can be solved quickly. Elasticity: temporary needs can be solved and you can “return” the infrastructure after the pick. New business: Smaller investment Time-to-market: Faster Implementation Synergies: Hardware investment can be spread Economy of scales: Hardware investment can be spread Alliance: Intel, HP e Yahoo Hardware consolidation: Best use of money invested in hardware Global Model: Data centres are distributed around the world, using better conditions: employees, nature, energy, etc… Costs: employees, nature, energy, etc… Smaller, TCO reduction. For big costumers, cloud is a long-term option. Not just a solution for the next 12 months. Geographical Distribution: Better services for disperse companies and easier mobility.

Cloud CONTRAS : 

12 Cloud CONTRAS Customer Supplier Lack of cost advantage: Not achieving ROI before turn people sceptical with CC . Strategy: Large databases; critical data; old systems; systems that require specific hardware Migration: Current enterprise apps can't be migrated conveniently. Management: Difficulty of managing cloud applications. Safety: To manage customer data, the identification management must be solved Liability: …… Latency: …… Lack of Service levels agreements: Cloud providers still are not taking accountability for the platforms Putative Risk: Legal, regulatory and business. Can our data be “elsewhere”? Pricing: How it is being charged. Migrate from boxes to services is a lesson to learn. Performance: Data bases can be less quick Challenge: management of resources, over many locations and with various tenants. Computing is not core business for many suppliers and CC solution can be discontinued.

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13 Cloud architecture must supply a management infrastructure that includes functions as: Computational resources provisioning; Dynamic workload balancing; Performance monitoring. How would be an CC architecture?

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14 Examples of CC Architecture

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15 Examples of CC Architecture

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16 Examples of CC Architecture

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18 Data.ti Nr 262 – February 2009 The Economist IT's global “cloud” The evolution of data centres Software as a service Connecting to the cloud The economics of the cloud The long nimbus Computers without borders Sources and acknowledgments Offer to readers CIO The case against cloud computing Bibliography

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19 This presentation is a summary of many readings and some chats. Please, if you have anything to tell me about it, like suggestions, corrections, opinions, questions, etc, you can contact me: [email protected]

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