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How I Used The PSA to create a website:

How I Used The PSA to create a website Timothy Johnson TWC 301 Summer 2012

The Problem Solving Approach:

The Problem Solving Approach What Is it? Plan Research Draft Review Distribute


Plan What are my goals? Who is my audience? What’s my reason for writing? What are my resources? What information do I need?


Research Search for necessary information Choose the information you will provide Categorize your information Evaluate information. Research more, if needed.


Draft Revisited goals and purpose Began the rough draft Confirmed document design Included visuals for message clarity

Review :

Review Evaluated usability of webpages Sought responses and feedback Revised based on feedback Modified and corrected


Distribute Verified all attachments were uploaded Means of distribution was appropriate Shared with the intended audience Verified audience received document

What Was Successful:

What Was Successful Organization & Structure Helped with “tunnel vision” Peace of Mind

Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned When to be done Use a Mind Map app Action ≥ thinking

Lessons Learned, Pt. 2:

Lessons Learned, Pt. 2 Know when to finish: Don’t plan too much Keep moving forward Do not revise until finished


Conclusion http:// timothycjohnson.wordpress.com

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