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Many times you need to go for weight loss in a week, these tips on how to lose weight in a week will give you necessary details to shed your extra weight within a week.


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10 Effective Tips to Lose Weight in Week:

10 Effective Tips to Lose Weight in Week Get some tips which is helpful to reduce your weight just in a week or few weeks. http://www.weightlossinweek.com/

1)Avoid Drinking Soda:

1)Avoid Drinking Soda Soda Can contains about 150 calories. It increases your weight.

2)Instead of Soda Drink Plenty of Water:

2)Instead of Soda Drink Plenty of Water Water helps to remove toxins from your body. It increases your metabolism rate. So results into weight loss. http://www.howloseweightinweek.com/

3)Do not Skip Your Breakfast:

3)Do not Skip Your Breakfast During your weight loss program don't skip your breakfast. Just replace your heavy food with lighter one.

4)Have Fiber and Protein Rich Food:

4)Have Fiber and Protein Rich Food Eat food which is protein and fiber rich. It is important to lose your weight in healthy way. Avoid intake of fats and carbohydrates. http://www.eweightlossideas.com/

5)Divide Your Meal:

5)Divide Your Meal Divide your big meal into six smaller meal and keep 3 hours gap between these meals.

6)Drink Green Tea:

6)Drink Green Tea Stop consuming tea or coffee. Instead of this have Green Tea regularly. It helps to reduce your weight in natural way.

7)Cabbage Soup Diet:

7)Cabbage Soup Diet Cabbage Soup is one of the good option to lose your weight fast. It burns fast. http://www.etipstoloseweight.com/

8)Exercises to Lose Weight:

8)Exercises to Lose Weight There is no any alternative for exercises to lose weight. Do some cardio and weight lifting exercises.

9)Brisk Walking:

9)Brisk Walking Brisk walking is a best option and it is better than jogging or running. Do it at least for 25-30 minutes regularly.

10) Have Patience and Positive Attitude:

10) Have Patience and Positive Attitude This is last but not the least. In your weight loss program you have patience and positive attitude. This will helps you a lot

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