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Flat roof repair:

Flat roof repair By Justin Moskowitz

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Justin Moskowitz's Bio: Hey guys, how are you? My name is Justin Moskowitz and welcome to my site, How To Fix A Roof Leak. This is the site that will teach you everything you need to know about fixing roof leaks. Not only fixing roof leaks, but also maintaining your roof so leaks never happen in the first place.

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Most flat roofs are built using tar and layers of roofing felt, whereas others are constructed entirely of concrete. One may stumble upon leaks in specific areas, more often than not in low spots or areas with damaged felt. In contrast to other roof types, flat roof damages are easily identifiable. Once one has found the source of the leak, it would be very easy to assess and fix it immediately. The first thing that one needs to do is to get rid of the water that may have accumulated around the damaged areas, allowing the area to dry completely as the moisture could seep through the roofing material.

Please visit our website, Flat roof repair:

Please visit our website, Flat roof repair Once the felt has been dried completely, one should apply a generous amount of cement over the edges of the damaged felt, after which one should firmly press down the sides of the blisters. Lastly, in order to finish the job, one can seal and close up the blisters with the help of roofing nails and re-apply the roofing cement over the entire area.

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