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University dr. RAFAEL BELLOSO CHACÍN Final Project English I “Lionel Messi ” Nestor Arrias Jose Gutierrez Yenifer Manzano Ender Socorro Teacher : Doris Molero T 312

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Lionel Messi Agenda About me: Jose Daniel Gutierrez Unit I: Greetings and Intros Unit II: Countries and Nationalities Personal Reflection About me: Yenifer Manzano Unit III: Interesting Products . Unit IV: Activities and Interests Personal Reflection About me: Nestor Arrias Unit V: Food Personal Reflection About me: Ender Socorro Unit VI: My family Personal Reflection

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Jose Daniel My Favorite Food Fast Food Pizza Home Food Chicken Pavilion My Family Parents Brothers Nephew Javier Nila Raul Alejandro Javier Dreams Being a Engineer Find a good job Have a nice family My Friends Gabo Juan Cesar Maikol David Luis Manolo What I like do Music Sleep The perfect gift Led TV Burgers Video Games Personal Info Maracaibo Edo.Zulia Gutierrez Vargas, Jose Daniel [email protected] Urbe’s Student 18 years old

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Personal Info : Messi . His e-mail is messi [email protected] his phone number is 04163692377 His favorite activity is travel to his native country, swin , stay with his family and more than nothing, play football. Unit I : Greetings and Intros His full name is Lionel Andrés Messi , he was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. At just 19 years, and shortly after his debut in professional football, Messi was considered with a great future in football.

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His native country is Argentina, he has travel to Spain , Germany, united states, japan among others .. According to the city of Rosario to 2011 has 1,036,286 habitants and is one of the most beautiful cities from Argentina. Unit II : Countries and Nationalities His native language is Spanish, His hometown is Rosario, seated on the banks of the Parana River, is about 199 square kilometers.

Personal Reflection:

Personal Reflection Classmates : i think about my group , like a group of new friends , who starts just for another homework , but now they’re my friends . Class : Teacher , your class is my favorite one , is the most didactic of all that I have . Lessons : My favorite lessons was in the second unit , and the more harder to learn for me, was in the 4th unit .

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My favorite food I’m Yenifer I’m from Venezuela Originally of Maracaibo year old I’m Study in I love graduation My dreams engineer dislike My family pizza arepas Travel around the world Engineer Industrial discussions I like Listen music The movies Personal info [email protected] 416-633-12-34

Personal items. What Messi has in his room? :

Personal i tems . What Messi has in his room ? Unit III: Interesting Products . In his room there are A Tv A laptop Many soccer balls . Soccer shoes Posters Uniforms

What´s the perfect gift for Messi?:

What´s the perfect gift for Messi ? G old ball

What is he doing?:

What is he doing ? He’s playing soccer He’s talking He’s eating chicken He’s Drinking He’s running He’s reading Unit IV: Activities and Interests

Personal Reflexion :

Personal Reflexion At the end of this trimester and as I final presentation we chosed an exposition called “Final Proyect ” in which we have to expose about a topic using all the units of this level 1. When I started this trimester I had English 1 with the teacher Doris Molero. During this trimester she teached us about the content of 6 units . We created a blog, we used it to share our activities about the “ Work link” book . We used the computer lab and we created a Second life avatar, and we did activities in a facebook group of the class .

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Study URBE 3rd Trimester Likes Watch tv Play videogames Dislikes Rudeness Industrial engineering . Favorite food Cake Pastelitos Dreams Find a good job Have a family I’m from Venezuela 18 years old My family Sister Dad Mom Me Personal info Phone numer 658 Nestor I’m from Maracaibo I speak spanish

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Breakfast Need eggs , toast and fruits to prepare it Dinner Lunch Milanesa Napolitana Grill Need Roast , salad to prepare it Need Chicken breats , cheese , french fries to prepare it Toast Favorite Food Lionel Messi Unit V: Food

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J uices naturals Alfajor Desserts Drinks

Personal Reflexion:

Personal Reflexion English Level 1 I liked it to much , it was very fun when we used Second life We were a good group.I want to have it again . I learned to much in the Units 1 and 2 In my group , we worked together everyday , and we finally did it well .

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Study URBE 3rd Trimester Likes Play piano Watch movies Dislikes Vegetables People who lie Electronic engineering Favorite food Pasta Pizza D inner Lunch Dreams Graduate from college Travel around the world I’m from Venezuela I’m 18 years old My family 4 people Brother Dad Mom Me I’m venezuelan Personal info Phone numer 987-41 Email: [email protected] . I’m Ender I’m from Maracaibo It’s very noisy I speak spanish and english

Messi’s Family:

Messi’s Family June 24 1987, Rosario Argentina Two brothers : Rodrigo and Matias . and a sister called Maria Sol Mother : Celia Cuccitini’s Father : Jorge Horacio Messi He has two cousins that play soccer like him , they are called Maximiliano and Emanuel Biancucchi . His father’s family has Italian descent Unit 6: Family tree and relationships

Personal Reflexion:

Personal Reflexion English Level 1 I used Blogger and Google translation and Wikipedia to learn english About the classes . It was a very different level And I met many friends I learned how to use the tecnology to learn a language I liked my group in this final project . And I didnt have a difficult unit , my favorite was Unit 4.

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