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About me:

About me Personality Inés Urdaneta Serio us Friendly Hobbies music Personal live Age Study Law University Like I like Chocolate Ice cream I like pizza Don’t like Fight Dreams Graduate Opinion paint Communicate with other people the world Description small green eyes long and yellow hair Gestures Happy with my boyfriend Shopping Bag Sneakers City and directions Maracaibo Zulia My Family My father My mather Three brothers

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jackie chan Final Project., English Nivel 1 Inés k. Urdaneta C.I 20166413 S- 302


index Unit 1º_ Greetings and intros. Unit 2º_ Where are you from

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A: What's your name? B: My name's Jackie Chan A: Where are you From? B: I'm from China A: What's you  Nationality? B: I'm chinese A: What's the capital city in you country? B:  Beijing is the capital city A: What languaje does people speak in you country? B: We speak chinese A:Who's someone impotant in you country? B: Bruce lee is important in my country Unit 1 and Unit 2

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