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Our Unique SaaS Approach:

Fix it with MetaFlows SaaS! Here’s how… Your Enterprise Our Unique SaaS Approach Subscribe to our SaaS Service Download and install Sensor Software Sensor securely sends events to MetaFlows Receive email if something is definitely bad You are probably already infected Remediate through the Browser

Cost Effective, Pay-as-you-go Simplicity:

Cost Effective, Pay-as-you-go Simplicity 1. Register at (try it for free for 14 days) 2. Configure Your First Sensor 3. Download Your Sensor 4. Install and Start Linux CentOS : Unzip –d “cd nsm ” “Make” “/nsm/etc/ start” Any other OS: - Simply open VM with vmplayer THAT’S IT. Let the sensor run for a few minutes so you can start seeing your events in the security console’s real-time event viewer.

What Customers are Saying::

What Customers are Saying: Mark Maunu, Network Security Analyst, Cubic Network Operations Eric Pavlak,CIO Non-Profit Technology Assurance Group James Macdonell , Information Security Analyst Cal State University San Bernardino Rizlan Shah Azlan , Information Technology Services Monash University " MetaFlows is a simple yet robust system to get your IDS sensors under control and start finding the 'evil' on your network before it has a chance to wreak havoc." "After rigorous search and careful consideration, MetaFlows is the best tool for the job." " MetaFlows is more effective as compared to our existing intrusion detection infrastructure because it lets us more quickly identify and correlate relevant alerts." "I have been impressed by how responsive the team at MetaFlows has been even when we are nine time zones away."

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Supported in part by US Army Research Office Award W911NF-06-1-0316 and NSF SBIR Award 0923846 Start a free trail now at: From $1,089/Year Call us at 1-877-664-774