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Fran Co case:

Fran Co case Group : Le Duy Hung 2198499 Idezuna Emmanuel

Fran Co case :

Fran Co case Fran Co. is one of Europe’s leading Industrial Integrators for the high tech, advanced electronics, food processing and medical industries. Fran Co. is the intermediary between the customer and the supplier. The company has an enormous warehouse with an infinite number of parts that come in from suppliers and are to be sold to the customers. They have many various types of parts on stock. Fran Co. has approximately 100 employees at the headquarters in The Netherlands. At the foreign subsidiaries they have around 30 additional subordinates. The departments are divided as followed: Purchase, Sales, Commercial support, Finance, HRM and Operations (IT and Warehouse). Underneath you can find a organizational diagram of the department Commercial Support Office. This department is responsible for, amongst others, complaint handling and customer support.

Project Charter:

Project Charter Project Charter Project name: Fran cos Service Innovation Version:First Date:22nd May, 2012. Project Information Project leader: Project sponsor: Project start date: 1 st June, 2012 Project end date: 30 th June, 2012 Process importance First of all, customers are our key priorities because without the customers, there wouldnt be any company. So, we decided to improve the organisation process so that we can satisfy the customer needs and also not to lose our customers.

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Team members Project leader: Project member: Project member: Project member: Project member: Subject matter experts [from the customer] Jaap de Klein CSO manager Paul de Bont Director Operations Jan Oudenhoven Warehouse Manager Freek Verhouden Warehouse Manager assistant Process problem There is a problem which Fran co faces, and that is the complaints made from the customers, and they are unable to fix the problems because they cannot control the complaints coming in from the customers. They also dont know the amount of money being wasted by not concentrating on the roots of the problems. Project goals They should be able to get more or professionalized personels to the financial department who would be able to deal with the problems alone and it should be done before the deadline, and that is the 30 th of June, 2012. For instance, if the complaints are received, it should be solved or taken care of within the specific number of days assigned by the organization.

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Process start point 20 th July, 2012 Process stop point 10 th August, 2012 Process measures The success of the project can be measured by the reduction in the cost of the problem solving system. Project Time frame Milestone 1 st Meeting Tasks assigned Research Analyze Report Date 1 st June, 2012 4 th June, 2012 20 th June, 2012 25 th June,2012 30 th june , 2012

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