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Who Would Be The Target Audience For Your Media Project ?

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Audience Member Profile: 1 This is Gary Huddlers. He is 18 years of age and lives in Swansea. His attire is very normal as it is a blue shirt and jeans. However, he enjoys wearing very trendy clothes and is very in touch with fashion in different aspects. He could be referred to as an “early adopter” as anything new that appeals to him he would like to have, see or own first, whether it would be movies, games or even clothing. He likes to go to the gym and regularly keeps fit through doing sports such as football, swimming and he also enjoys horse riding. Gary likes to go out and enjoy himself quite a lot, quite stereotypically for a teenager, he likes to go clubbing, watch movies or do anything that he would consider as “leisure”. Gary and his friends are film fanatics, their favourite types of films are anything ranging from action movies to horror/thriller films. Some m ovies that Gary has watched previously at the cinema are “Paranormal Activity”, “Saw” (Every Film) and “Friday the 13 th ”. The TV shows that Gary would watch are Family guy, American Dad, The Big Bang Theory and Scrubs etc. The music that appeals to Gary is mainstream pop, dub step and indie music. I feel that My groups film would appeal to Gary as it is a new thriller film based on a teenager, like him, finding and discovering something very unusual and with the right promotion and advertising it would draw him and his friends in as it is the typical type of horror/thriller film that they are interested in and have watched at the cinema many times.

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Audience Member Profile: 2 This is Tamara Whithers. She has just turned 19 and is on her way to university. Tamara lives in North West London. Her attire is very smart as she’s wearing a casual top and a skirt. However, Tamara doesn't dress like this everyday. She usually likes to look smart but in a more relaxed way by wearing things such as jeans, trainers and a smart v neck top. Tamara's clothing taste is more along the line of mixing sportswear (e.g. Trainers) with casual wear (e.g. A v-neck top from R alph Lauren). In her spare time, Tamara likes to mainly study but she also has fun when necessary. Tamara enjoys shopping and occasionally going clubbing with her friends. The shops that Tamara would shop at are River Island, JD Sports, Topshop and Zara etc. Tamara is far from a movie fanatic and does not have a favourite type of film but she will go to the cinema if a movie she has seen being advertised interests her. Films that Tamara has watched in the past are films like “Valentines Day”, “Jennifer’s Body”, “Sorority Row” and “Transformers”. The type of music that Tamara listens to are hip-hop, RnB, Underground rap and chart topping pop. Tamara is my groups second type of audience member because our film may not appeal to all. However, we hope to entice people like Tamara who don’t often watch films but will go to the cinema if the film they are watching interests them and I feel our film will do so.