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CONTENTS Explain the need for circuit protection Introduction to circuit breaker Working principle of circuit breakers Components of circuit breaker Types of circuit breakers Basic operation of different types of circuit breakers with application 1. domestic type 2. outdoor type Advancements in circuit breaker 1.wireless remote type C.B. 2.motor drive C. B. 3. intelligence C.B. 4. Block watcher C.B. 5.Power shield X,C.B. and auto reversors

Why do we have Circuit Breakers?:

Why do we have Circuit Breakers ? To switch transmission lines, transformers, cables, busbars etc. Frequent switching of capacitor banks and reactor banks To open an electrical circuit To close/reclose an open circuit And of course the most important to clear a fault to protect equipment and human life!


WHAT IS CIRCUIT BREAKER ??? Actually circuit breaker is a piece of equipments which can Make or break a circuit either manually or by remote control under normal condition. Break a circuit automatically under fault condition. Make a circuit either manually or by remote control under fault conditions.

Operating principle of circuit breakers:

Operating principle of circuit breakers The circuit breaker essentially consist of fixed and moving contacts. Under normal operating condition the contacts remains closed. Under fault condition the trip coil gets energised and contacts get separated .

Components of circuit breaker:

Components of circuit breaker A simple circuit breaker consists of the following components. Switch Electromagnet / bimetallic strip Stationary Contact Moving Contact Catch Upper and lower terminal

There are following types of circuit breakers:

There are following types of circuit breakers Oil circuit breaker 1. Bulk oil circuit breaker 2. minimum oil circuit breaker Air blast circuit breaker Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breaker Vacuum circuit breaker


DOMESTIC USE CIRCUIT BREAKERS FUNCTION: If the earth wire is properly attached, the circuit breaker will detect that there is current present at the earth source and the built in protective coils will automatically trips the circuit, preventing any mishaps MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER Circuit Breaker Trips To Prevent Us From Getting Electrocuted In Cases Of Electrical Leakage CIRCUIT BREAKER AND SAFETY SWITCH A circuit breaker (left) is designed to limit the flow of electricity through a given circuit in your home, thus reducing the possibility of a fire due to overloaded circuits. A safety switch (below) is designed to save lives by interrupting the flow of electricity quickly. “A safety switch has a 'TEST' button. A circuit breaker does not.”

Domestic use circuit breakers:

Domestic use circuit breakers MAL365001212 - Circuit Breaker - 500A at 600VAC or 250VDC (Square D) - New/Surplus Features : model MAL365001212. New/Surplus Square D / Schneider Electric circuit breaker Rated 500A at 600VAC or 250VDC

Domestic circuit breakers:

Domestic circuit breakers 12KV 24KV VS1 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker VCB (Switchgear) over load of various character and also for frequent operation in electric power systems of 3-phase, AC 50Hz and with rated voltage of 12kV. It can be used for protection and control of electrical equipment in industrial plants, mines, enterprises, power generation plants and substations. FEATURES AND APPLICATIONS : Conventional air circuit breakers (ME) Product Feature: Features: 1) Used in AC 50Hz distribution 2) Networks with rated voltage of 380V/660V, and 630-4000A current3) Rated insulation voltage 660V4) Designed for use in distribution networks5) Rated current: 630 - 4000A6) Rated operational voltage: 380/400V - 660/690V7) Rated frequency AC50Hz8) Intended for power distribution

Domestic circuit breakers:

Domestic circuit breakers CME Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Applications: CME Moulded case circuit breaker are highly specified.Positive contact indication is standard,with three positions "on" "OFF" and centre "TRIPPED" being provents the MCCBs contacts from being held closed in the event fo over current.CME Moulded case circuit breaker 3 & 1 pole units have a trip to test button provided as standard.All main contacts are of quality. Test and marine approval certification. 1.Moulded case circuit breakers16 to 200A. 2.Available in three ranges:standard,standard adjustable,Hi -break adjustable. GE Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) Specifications We are supplying all kinds of GE Mini Circuit Breaker (MCB) in high-quality to many countries We are supplying all kinds of GE Mini Circuit Breaker in high-quality to many countries (1) GE series is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protection overload and short-circuit in the system (2) Product is neoteric in structure, light in weight, (3) It has high-breaking capacity, can trip quickly, and its case and items are adopted by high fire-resistant and shock-resistant plastics (4) Product is mainly used in AC 50Hz/60Hz single-pole 230V or two, three, four pole 400V circuit for overload and short-circuit protection

Domestic circuit breakers:

Domestic circuit breakers High-speed dc circuit breakers (DS16 ) Features : 1) Working as feeder protection switches, they are especially applicable to metro subway stations fans and light HUM1 Moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB ) Application : It is divided into four types, Type C(basic type),Type L (standard type),Type M (high breaking capacity type ),and Type H (higher breaking capacity type).It has characteristics of small size,high breaking capacity,short arcing,which is an ideal product for the use on land and in ship,It is applied in the line of AC 50Hz,voltage 660V or below, rated insulating voltage up to 800V(for HUM1-63,it′s500V)

Outdoor circuit breakers:

Outdoor circuit breakers CHNESE SF6 circuit breaker Technical parameter Item Unit Data Rated Voltage KV 40.5 rated insulation leve1 thunder impulse withstand voltage( peakvaule ) KV 185/215 industrial frequency withstand voltaged (1 min) KV 95 rated current A 1600-2000 Mechanical life-spa Times 3000 High Voltage Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breaker up to 126kV (LW36-126/3150-40 ) Product Description TYPE: LW36-126/3150-40 1. Rated voltage 126kV 2. Rated current 3150A 3. Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz 4. Rated short-circuit breaking current 40kA 5. Rated short-time withstand current for 4 sec. 40kA 6. Rated power frequency withstand voltage 230kV 7. Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 550kV

Outdoor circuit breakers:

Outdoor circuit breakers outdoor sf6 circuit breaker Technical Parameters Item Unit Technical Data Rated voltage Kv 12 - 40.5 Rated withstand current Ka 31.5, 4 - 31.5 Rated short- circuit duration s 4 – 4 Rated short- circuit close current Ka 80,100 - 80 Rated peak withstand current kA 80,100 Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker for railway applications - GSL II Circuit breakers - ABB The GSL is part of the GSx product range, purpose-built vacuum circuit breaker intended for railway power-supply. The GSL is a heavy-duty outdoor circuit breaker, extensively deliverd for 16.7 Hz feeder stations where fast tripping time is required. Extremely high endurance of mechanisms and outstanding electrical performances of vacuum interrupters provides highly reliable maintenance-free products with low life cycle costs.

Out door circuit breakers:

Out door circuit breakers vacuum circuit breaker ★ As a result of using the sealed technology, the circuit breaker volume reduces greatly. The matched cabinet width is only 1200mm, heighten 2400mm, depth 2600mm. The main circuit section and operating mechanism section is upper and lower arrangement, which optimize the electric field distribution, increase the insulated reliability, also reduce the circuit breaker depth direction size and reduce the matched switchgear depth greatly. porcelain SF6 circuit breaker with hydraulic operating mechanism LW15A-363/420 outdoor H.V.A.C porcelain SF6 circuit breaker with hydraulic operating mechanism,is a new kind of circuit breaker with self-blast interrupter。This product has reliable performance and stable operation... Features :

Advancements: motor drive circuit breakers:

Advancements: motor drive circuit breakers SIMPLICITY ONE moving part INNOVATION Full electronic control Inherent monitoring Future proof PERFORMANCE 10,000 + operations Optimal travel curve EXPERIENCE Tap changers & MV A revolution in circuit breaker technology

Motor drive : concept to product:

Motor drive : concept to product Idea to drive circuit breaker with Motor in early 1990’s Major hurdle existed for HV application By 1994, electronics & electromagnets see significant gains in technology Possible to use on MV By 1996, further gains in electronics & electromagnet technology HV applications now a realistic possibility Decision to pursue concept 1998 sees first prototype verification tests Proves concept is feasible Product development begins


WIRELESS AND REMOTE CIRCUIT BREAKER Quick Details : Place of Origin : Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name : KingLai Model Number : ATRC-12CH Operating Temperature : -50~+500 Centigrade Max. Current: 30A Max. Voltage : 1000v Input voltage : DC3v,DC6v,DC9v,DC12v,DC24v,AC110... Remote distance : 100m,1000m,3000m,10km,30km,50k.


FEATURES AND APPLICATIONS FEATURES : 1):Self lock model: [For example 4ch wireless switch]Press remoter button A first time , the receiver relay is ON , press remoter button A second time , the receiver relay is OFF , the same as B/C/D. Extend function : When Jumper is OFF position, when press button A on the transmitter, receiver channel A goes on 2 seconds then goes off automatically . Same of channel B/C/D 2):None lock model: Press remoter button A always , the receiver relay is ON , release button A , the receiver relay is OFF the same as B/C/D . 3 ):Commutative lock model: [For example 4ch wireless switch] Press remote button A , the receiver relay A is ON , the relay B/C/D is OFF; Press remote button B , the receiver relay B is ON , the relay A/C/D is OFF ; 4)Wide input voltage: 5)Big load power: 1000~5000w 6)Wide operating temperature range: -60~+500oC

Application field : wireless circuit breaker switch :

Application field : wireless circuit breaker switch 1:Home wireless light control; 2:Home electric appliance control; 3:Agricultual long-distance control; 4:Industrial long-range control; 5:Door wireless open/ close,car multi-route alarm; 6:Motor rotation control .

Intelligent Circuit Breaker for AC 3 Rail:

Intelligent Circuit Breaker for AC 3 Rail Available Versions : PSX-1AC: One Output The proven solid state technology and experience that led to the development of the DCC Specialties PSX layout power district circuit breakers has been applied for AC 3 rail operations. DCC Specialties offers the PSX-AC 2 and 3 rail intelligent circuit breakers. According to the designer Larry Maier, "the stakes are much higer with AC as operating currents can approach 20 Amps. That's enough energy to easily destroy your loco or its electronics under certain circumstances. The trick is to permit the high currents but have precise regulation that knows a destructive short from a current spike. The PSX-AC's exclusive patented microprocessor controller does the job." There are other mechanical, non electronic circuit breakers available but they can not intelligently differentiate between a short and spike or reset automatically. The PSX-AC has automatic or manual reset feature in addition to 4 trip current settings . Introduction

Features of intelligence circuit breakers:

Features of intelligence circuit breakers Very Low Voltage Drop Breaker On resistance is less than 0.060 ohms, so the PSX has a low voltage drop even at high currents. Much better than detectors that use a diode voltage drop. Manual or Automatic Reset Automatic reset of the breaker after 2 seconds. A switch can be used for a manual reset. Outputs for LED Indicators LEDs can be added to monitor the input/output power and the status. Output for Audio Alert An audible sounder can be added to the card to alert if there is a short. No Power Supply Needed Board size: is 4.75 by 2.25 inches Flash Programmable Micro Processor can accept updated software if needed.

Microcontroller controlled: Block watcher circuit breakers:

Microcontroller controlled: Block watcher circuit breakers The Block Watcher™ is a new concept in block detection. This detector puts the power of a microprocessor to work analyzing the current feed to the rails. This detector has been designed to eliminate many of the installation problems associated with the installation of signal systems. The Block Watcher comes ready to install, all you have to do is to connect it between the DCC booster or circuit breaker and the rails. Then connect the detector output switch to your signal system.

Features of Block watcher:

Features of Block watcher All Solid State Operation: Fast, all solid-state design with reliable quiet electronics. No Power Supply Needed: Develops power from the DCC input connections. Very Low Voltage Drop: The resistance is less than 0.060 Ohms, very small voltage drop. Adaptive Block Leakage Detection: Electronically determines the amount of leakage current in the block when power is turned on. The current can also be set with a CV value up to about 130 mA. Stabilized Setting for Current Trip Level: This prevents the block detection from fluttering on and off when the current is near the trip level. Block Detection Option: Block detection can be turned on with an Accessory Command for testing signals even with nothing in the block. This feature can also be used to turn the signals red to protect a crossing. Block Detection Output Isolated from Track Power: The output switch is totally isolated from the track power. This eliminates many wiring problems when combining signal circuits and track power. Outputs for LED Indicator: A single LED output can be used for a remote location.

Application of block watcher C.B.:

Application of block watcher C.B. The Block Watcher™ has many uses and applications. It can not only be used as the basis of signaling systems, but can also be used to indicate occupied blocks or triggers for Stop-On-DCC decoders. The Block Watcher is powered from the DCC input power and eliminates the need for an added external power supply. The output is optically isolated so the signaling system can be separate from the DCC signal and thus minimize the interference with operation of the signal circuits. The detector will handle up to 20 Amps of DCC current. An automatic adjustment for leakage current up to 130 mA is provided. Detection output terminals are available for a switched output and remote LED block detect indication. The bi-polar output can be used with any signaling system using less than 30 Volts and will switch up to 1 A of current.

Power Shield X - Family of Intelligent Circuit Breakers and Auto Reversers:

Power Shield X - Family of Intelligent Circuit Breakers and Auto Reversers The PSX series is a product of Larry Maier's 10 years experience in designing and producing intelligent, solid state, DCC circuit breakers and auto reversers. Patent pending. The PSX specifically addresses the increased inrush loads (currents) which occur due to large capacitors used for sound systems. This load appears as a system short circuit until the capacitors are charged. The logic in the new PSXs determines if the load is a true short or just an inrush overload Introduction

Features of power shield C.B.:

Features of power shield C.B. Compatible with the newly introduced 2 Rail AC. Automatic Coordination of Auto Reverse and Circuit Breaker Tasks: It is both a auto reverser and a circuit breaker. Fast, all solid state design with reliable quiet electronic reversing, no blinks, clicks or sparks! Adaptive Load Reset: Electronically senses if the overload is a real short or due to in-rush capacitance of sound decoders. Automates Reverse Loop Turnouts: Integrated stall motor or snap coil decoder, automatically lines up Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset of the breaker or a push button switch can manually reset. Outputs for LED Indicators: LEDs can be added to monitor; input/output power and status. Wide Range of Current Trip Setting: Trip currents are adjustable adjusted by jumpers or CVs: 1.27 to 19.2 A System Reset: A single CV command sets all Addresses and CVs to original factory values. Output for Audio Alarm: An audible sounder can be added to the card to alert you when there is a short. Booster Function for Low Current: Some boosters need help when resetting. Adding a jumper kick starts low Amp systems. Auto Stop with CV Reset: A photocell can detect a train in the reverse section and turn off power. A DCC command can then restore the power. Board size: is 5 3/4 by 3 3/4 inches, designed to fit standard Radio Shack enclosure .

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