Tablet PC Diffusion

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Tablet PC Diffusion : 

Tablet PC Diffusion Jonathon Lever EDUC 8841 Walden University Dr. David Thornburg Walden University May 21, 2010

Beginning of the Tablet PCGeneral History : 

Beginning of the Tablet PCGeneral History

Phase 1 Need : 

Phase 1 Need

Phase 2 Research : 

Phase 2 Research Chuck Thacker Jeff Raikes

Phase 3 Development : 

Phase 3 Development

Phase 4 Commercialization : 

Phase 4 Commercialization

Timeline of Development : 

Timeline of Development 1989-GridPad 1991- NCR 3125 Pen Computer 1993 IBM Thinkpad 2001 First Tablet PC introduced

Stages of Adoption : 

Stages of Adoption Adoption of PCs into the classroom Beginning of the use PDAs in the classroom Transition to Tablet PCs

S-Curve : 


Cost Comparison : 

Cost Comparison

Size Comparison : 

Size Comparison

Early Adopters : 

Early Adopters

Laggards : 


Central vs. Decentralized Approach : 

Central vs. Decentralized Approach

Change Agents : 

Change Agents

Benefits of Tablet PCs for Teachers : 

Benefits of Tablet PCs for Teachers

Benefits of the Tablet PC for Students : 

Benefits of the Tablet PC for Students

Critical Mass : 

Critical Mass

References : 

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