Human Development: Family Studies

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Prenatal Development:

Prenatal Development Monitoring Prenatal Development

Monitoring Prenatal Development:

11/20/2013 HDFS 129 2 Monitoring Prenatal Development Ultrasound

Monitoring Prenatal Development:

11/20/2013 HDFS 129 3 Monitoring Prenatal Development Amniocentesis

Monitoring Prenatal Development:

Monitoring Prenatal Development Chorionic Villus Sampling

Monitoring Prenatal Development:

11/20/2013 HDFS 129 5 Monitoring Prenatal Development Embryoscopy

Monitoring Prenatal Development:

11/20/2013 HDFS 129 6 Monitoring Prenatal Development Fetal blood sampling

Monitoring Prenatal Development:

11/20/2013 HDFS 129 7 Monitoring Prenatal Development Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


INFERTILITY Statistics Definition Assisted Reproduction


REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES (Biological) Artificial Insemination Surrogate Mother In vitro fertilization Cryopreservation is a process where cells or whole tissues are preserved by cooling to low sub-zero temperatures, such as −196 °C. At these low temperatures, any biological activity, including the biochemical reactions that would lead to cell death, is effectively stopped.

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Dr. Robert Graham founded the Repository for Germinal Choice in Edcondido, CA as a sperm bank for Nobel prize winners and those of superior intellect with the intent of producing geniuses. Sperm is available to women “of good stock” whose husbands are infertile, according to Graham.


REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES (Biological) Gamete Intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) is a tool of assisted reproductive technology where eggs are removed from a woman's ovaries, and placed in one of the Fallopian tubes, along with the man's sperm. The technique allows fertilization to take place inside the woman's body.

Postmenopausal Childbearing:

Postmenopausal Childbearing

MIRACLE MOM (Taken from People, 1997) :

MIRACLE MOM (Taken from People , 1997) “I just wanted a baby….more than anything in the world.” That’s what 63 -year- old mom Arceli Keh happily told people after making medical history by becoming the oldest woman ever to give birth. The miracle baby – weighing 6lbs, 4 ounces was born in Loma Linda, CA, using a donated egg from a much younger woman fertilized with the sperm of her husband that was implanted in Arceli’s womb. The world was stunned as medical experts had never believed a woman that old could conceive under any circumstance. Dr. Richard Paulson, “Women appear to have not one but two biological clocks ticking. The clock for the eggs and ovaries seems to run out much earlier than the one for the uterus.” Medical experts now believe that as technology improves, the age of the oldest mom will continue to rise. Some doctors say women like Keh are tinkering with their biological clocks by being pregnant well after menopause, when the risks of medical complications for mother and child skyrocket. In essay form, please describe your response to "Miracle Mom." Would you advocate this form of ‘medical revolution'? Why? What implications does this carry for intergenerational relationships within a family? What are some implications for child & adult development? Your response is due in class (not ANGEL) on September 16, 2008. Please have this typed, double spaced, and 1-2 pages long. Extra credit: 2 points